Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby it’s COLD outside!!


This morning Parrish and I woke up to a 28 degree morning!!! Thankfully, Parrish really cranks the heat in our house, but I knew I was still going to make a cozy bowl of oats. So I dragged myself out of bed, and quickly became distracted by the Today Show. But, a delightful email from reader Michelle steered me back on track, and I created my MOST FAVORITE bowl of Gluten Free Oats yet!

cold morning 030

Frozen Blueberry Oats with a light “snow” of Gluten Free Graham Crackers

In the mix:

1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats

1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup low-fat Local milk

1/2 banana whipped in and a handful of frozen Local blueberries whipped in

A drizzle of Organic peanut butter

One square of Kinnikinnick Smoreables GF graham crackers, crushed

This was ONE tasty bowl! I will DEF be making this bowl again…like tomorrow!

This breakfast was MUCH better than yesterday:

cold morning 006

A Green Monster on the go-go. Delicious…but WAY too cold. Yesterday was my first day back at work since Thanksgiving, and I ended up working an 11 hour day! :( But time flew by and I only managed a few pit stops to grab food. Lunch consisted of AHH-mazing Thanksgiving leftovers:

cold morning 009

Which I’m calling Random Rice. Parrish’s mom made a fantastic Gluten Free Rice Dish on Saturday. The original presentation had rice, almonds, and pom seeds. I dressed up the leftovers with a tbsp. of feta cheese, and sautéed red peppers and onion. I heated the leftovers, which toasted the almonds and made the pom seeds SUPER juicy! I promptly wolfed down the entire container, leaving myself nothing for supper. Smart. So for supper I enjoyed:

cold morning 007

Green Monster number TWO with a boost of protein. Tasty.

So work was non-stop like always, but I did manage to fit in a break around closing time to snap a few pictures for quite possibly the cutest idea ever!

Gliding Calm is a blog that I recently started reading, by way of the ever-amazing google reader. (love you.) And on her blog, she features folks around blogland sporting articles of clothing or such, per the theme she chooses. In the past she has featured: bloggers in coats, bloggers in boots, and earrings.

I love it! It’s neat to see different folks’ style and it’s a fun way to get introduced to new blogs. She’s currently asking for Hats and Tights entries. So I had a mini-photo session with myself and some super cute Fair Trade Fashion. Yes, I am a dork.

april sari hats 013 marlow tres chic

I can’t wait to see all the other photos submitted!

OKAY…I have officially spent WAY too much time on this post! Time to get out there and enjoy my day off! I hope you guys have a great Tuesday!


GF Gidget said...

Love Gliding Calm and love Smoreables! They are the best GF graham crackers EVER!

iampalegreen said...

A smoreable in the oatmeal! Genius!

Yiannis said...

i love your posts!

i hate your green monsters :)

Sadly i have to drink similar stuff

Yiannis - www.healmyibs.com

Di said...

Love the green monsters - 1 a day!!

The rice looks so colorful and delicious.