Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Go Together Like Apple and Bacon


Do you guys love or hate Daylight Savings? I seem to have a love/hate relationship with “falling back”. I hate that it’s dark when I get out of work, but I love that my body has been tricked into going to bed earlier. I woke up extra early this morning, “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” as my Daddy would say. I even had enough time to make oats!

apple grill 010

Look at that sunrise in my bowl! Wink

apple grill 002 

Gluten free sunrise!

When Nature’s Path emailed me and asked if I would give them feedback on their new line, I of course said yes!! And I am SO glad I did. I really LOVE this cereal!

apple grill 005

Look at those little guys! I’m always jealous of gluten lovers and their whole grain cereals. I LOVE Gorilla Munch, but it’s a one-note sensation. This cereal has big bits and little bits. Love it!

On my way to work (hanging my head in shame) I stopped off at…Starbucks. I know, I know. I did manage to fit it into my budget, but I still feel totally guilty and over indulgent. That is, I feel that way until the smooth latte hits my lips. (“It feels so good when it hits your lips” Old School! anyone?)

Today was NO exception my dear friends, because I had my very first EVER non-fat Peppermint White Mocha!

apple grill 013

Love that holiday cup! Why has no one ever told me about this drink? It makes the pumpkin spice latte look like…warm milk. It was ABSOLUTELY delicious!

Work was work today. I felt like I was swimming in shipments today, but with help from my volunteers we stayed afloat. All afternoon I was looking forward to spending some Quality Time with Parrish tonight (…and Modern Family, Cougartown, and Witches of Eastwick). :)

For dinner we made a meal that goes together perfectly, just like us. A gluten free grilled cheese with bacon and green apple!

apple grill 016

Smoked Provolone, Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon, and a green apple

This idea came from Tyler Florence by way of Paula Deen. We changed up the cheese because smoked provolone was on sale, but it was still SUPAH tasty!

apple grill 017

I used the George Foreman to heat the sandwich, and we served it alongside a bowl of Roasted Red Pepper Soup.

apple grill 022

0% Plain Fage swirl. Too good to be true!


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Susan Jones said...

Hate daylight savings time. Yuck....Like the apple and bacon sandwich idea though. Have to try that one.

Susan Jones
The Celiac Shack

Trace said...

You need a re-usable coffee mug ya turkey!

Also, I'll have smoked bacon at the end of next week...

Marlow said...

Trace- I know! I def have four-five that seem to have lost their lids! Does it help that I reuse that gorg red cup all day at work with tea?
You will be proud though that I do save my sleeve and reuse it...eesh, I am a Starbucks addict. Oh no and Oh yes to the smoked bacon. You selling it?

Susan- I know! I'm still on the fence with falling back.