Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Most things (gluten free) fall apart


This is our second week abiding by a planned menu for nightly suppers, and so far Parrish and I are really diggin’ it. It’s nice to have the groceries bought for the week on Sunday and it’s saving us a TON of time! When I was mapping out the menu this past Sunday, I noticed that most of the meals I was planning involved chicken. So I searched out a meat free meal and found this recipe for black bean burgers.

So I de-glutened it!

I made my own gluten free bread crumbs using the Whole Foods Gluten Free Sandwich bread. I doubled the bread crumbs in the recipe and doubled the garlic too!

black bean burgers 002

Gluten Free Black bean burgers in the making.

The mixture felt really loose when I made the patties, so I froze the patties for 30 minutes before cooking.

Yeah…they just fell apart. They tasted delish-us, but it just crumbled. Was it the gluten free bread? The beans? (Ideas?) I dunno, but I just pattied the cooked result onto my bun and carried on!

black bean burgers 014

They were super tasty. (Although I am feeling a bit gassy effervescent)

We had plenty of leftovers, so we’re going to make black bean tacos for lunch tomorrow!


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Iris said...

I have a recipe for gluten-free chickpea burgers on my blog. I use an egg, sunflower seeds and Trader Joe's gluten-free waffles to hold them together. Yours sound delicious even if they didn't stick together!

Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

Vegetable burgers with good, cohesive texture are hard to find! There is one recipe for mushroom burgers that turns out really well, but the 'dough' is more like pancake batter that you drop onto a hot pan. I find that some recipes don't crumble, but they also don't really 'cook' either, so they just end up kind of gummy. It's a work in progress for me! But I bet these still tasted good and they will make outstanding tacos. Yum.

Marlow said...

Iris- Thank you so much!! I am DEF going to try that recipe!

Cinnamon- Do you have the recipe for the mushroom burgers?

Slimming Su said...

I have used TVP and also found the egg helps hold them together. I love BB burgers. Have also added a bit of cornmeal which gives a crunchy outside.