Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days Like These


…don’t come around very often! That would be a day off! Since today is my last day off of work until Thanksgiving Day…(wah), I decided to really  soak up the relaxation! I started with a French Press:

wix 008

Frothy! I paired it with gluten free oats, KERF style!

wix 015

Her whipped banana method made for a SUPER creamy texture. One issue: I don’t really like the taste of bananas! I’ve always been an “eat them cause I know they’re good for me” kind of gal, so the hint of nanner was blech. However, the texture was SO creamy. I’m wondering if there is a way to get the texture without the banana…

After breakfast I enjoyed a leisurely morning of the Today Show and menu planning, followed up with a chat with my Mama and a grocery store run. Lunch was quick and easy:

wilmington trip 044

Roasted Garlic Hummus and Grilled Cheese on Whole Foods GF Bread with:

wilmington trip 004

Ch-ch-ch-cheetahs! Or Roasted Sweet Potatoes for all you non-Snackfacers.

Then I did laundry all afternoon! But I mean I really did laundry. I folded, pressed, and hung. But I did make time to snuggle with this guy:

wix 013

He enjoyed his third nap of the day on a pile of Parrish’s clothes! :) He is the best snuggler! He likes to be the little spoon, but he makes for a warm companion. The only down side…he’s a snorer!

I also managed to squeeze in an episode of…The Young and the Restless. Embarrassed

Yes, I am a Y&R fan. Don’t shame me!

Plans for the night include watching Giada and making supper! I’m making gluten free Boneless BBQ bites tonight (recipe on the right). And then I’m going to make a fire and catch up on Google Reader! I live a wild life, I know! :)

What do you guys do on your days off during the week? I feel like they’re totally different than having a weekend day off!


menu planning said...

i have been menu planning
for the past several months and it has saved me a bunch of money and i am eating better. THanks for your blog!

iampalegreen said...

I love days off. I sleep in and then watch lots of TV and attempt to catch up on cleaning/organizing. (That never happens)