Sunday, November 1, 2009

Date Night


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Even when you’re engaged, it is still be fun to plan a date night! A few days ago, Parrish proposed a date night and of course I said YES!!! This morning we looked over the movie schedule and talked about restaurants, but nothing seemed appealing. Being gluten free and dining out can be hard, and in all honesty I really wasn’t in the mood to educate a server on the ins and outs of being gluten free. Plus, thinking about digestive issues is not very romantic!

So today I suggested that we make homemade gluten free pizzas, using the Whole Foods 365 Gluten Free Pizza Mix. In celebration of date night, we decided to open a bottle of wine Parrish bought for me in Oregon.

date night 015

In September of 2008, I surprised Parrish with a trip to visit one of his best friends in Oregon for a week. While he was there, he managed to find some time to squeeze in a few winery tours (tough life). :) I love the label because it has two hearts

date night 016


The last time we made pizza, we went for the basic recipe: cheese and pepperoni. Tonight we were a bit more inventive. Our inspiration:

date night 023

Green Olives! So we made a white pizza, with olive oil, garlic, grilled chicken, feta, and green olives. We also sprinkled on a bit of mozzarella and thyme for good measure!

date night 026

Good thing I’m marrying a former pizza maker! Parrish rolled out the dough and helped with cooking times. I would like to say it was a team effort, but I really just helped in the prepping of toppings…and ate a few appetizer olives.

The result:

date night 030


date night 033

(Don’t worry Mama I will TOTALLY make this for you!)

The pizza was great! The crust is good, but the toppings were dee-vine! You may remember that the first time we made pizza using this mix, I commented on how the directions were a bit confusing. Well, not anymore! Whole Foods updated the instructions and there was no confusion this time!

emily 002

Cozy! (…that may or may not be a grill spatula…I mean, fireplace spatula)

emily 008

Cozier! :)



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Lele said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your romantic evening! I wish I had a fireplace!

iampalegreen said...

Mmmm...white pizza!