Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wilmy Weekend



Our road trip to Wilmington started out like…this:

wilmington trip 008

LAME! 4pm traffic on a Friday in Raleigh is no bueno. PLUS the white truck in this picture was driving like an idiot. I was a ball of nervous traffic energy! Luckily it didn’t slow us down too much, and we made it to Wilmington just in time to visit with friends!

We had planned to meet a group for happy hour, but we were a few hours behind. Our friends graciously kept happy hour going for us…all night long!

We moved locations a few times. We even managed a pit stop at an old fav dive bar:

wilmington trip 009

Our last stop was this great pub in downtown Wilmington: The Goat and Compass. We always have a ton of fun there. The weather was great, so we sat outside and played card games just like old times!

wilmington trip 015

I am the sole gluten free gal in the group, so while my friends “enjoyed” PBR, I enjoyed Firefly Sweet Tea.

wilmington trip 017

We were had fun reminiscing and partying like it was 2005.

wilmington trip 013

Alex and Carl were quite good at Texas Hold’em.

On the way home Alex informed me that she had a slightly freezer burnt gluten free pizza in her freezer :) but of course being the old lady that I am, I promptly fell asleep as soon as we got to her house!

If you followed my tweets, you saw that Saturday morning consisted of the necessary basics:

1. Port City Java

2. Farmer’s Market

Parrish and I caught up with my best girl Krista and her too-cute for words son Zigmas. Alex was working at the Farmer’s Market, but as soon as she was finished we went to lunch at Flaming Amys! Home of the BEST salsa EVAH!!!

wilmington trip 022

Fresh tomato, Pineapple Jalapeno, and Green Tomatillo

PLUS their chips are 100% corn thank you very much!

We spent the afternoon touring my bestie Jessica’s new beach chateau and we may have made a second stop at Port City Java. (They make a Crème Brulee latte that is pretty much the best)

For supper Saturday, we went to Parrish’s mom’s house to celebrate her birthday and enjoy food with the fam. Emily and her husband Jeff are always CRAZY supportive of me being gluten free, so I never have to worry about what I’m eating. Speaking of eating:

wilmington trip 026

Emily’s Gluten Free Lasagna!! Recipe coming soon :)

wilmington trip 028

Tasty! Everyone was a member of the clean plate club, so of course we got dessert! Emily has the perfect view of dessert: something really good in a small amount!

wilmington trip 029

A Wilmington Classic: Carolina Tarheel Toffee SOOOOO good. Simple Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Milk Chocolate, and Almonds. We each enjoyed a piece, and some went back for seconds. :)

wilmington trip 031

Yeah, we cleaned that plate too.

This morning we woke up and met Alex, Krista, and Zigmas at my FAVORITE breakfast spot in Wilmington: Saltworks.

wilmington trip 037

Coffee, Water, and the Funnies. Just like old times :) Diner food at its best!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend! Super quick and definitely not a long enough visit. As soon as Parrish and I parked the car at our house, we were a whirling tornado of cleaning. Team work gets it done faster! :)

Now we’re relaxing by a fire and I’m enjoying a cup of my FAVORITE tea!

wilmington trip 046

**Not all of Celestial Seasonings teas are gluten free, so ALWAYS read the label!! :)

wilmington trip 049

Nutcracker Sweet is like Christmas in a cup! Love it!!

I’m off to plan our menu for the week! Parrish and I are experimenting with planning our meals for the week in advance. My sister and her husband are stupendous savers, and they plan their meals for the most part in advance. Hopefully it will work for us too!


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Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

Oh man, the salsa looks delicious, and then you mentioned *creme brulee latte*?!?!

Sounds like a really fun time!

And about the CS teas; I'm so sad that sugar cookie has barley in it. Have you ever found a sugar cookie tea that doesn't? I so want to try it!