Friday, October 2, 2009

Times are changing


zee 001

How could I not be in a great mood when I wake up to this everyday?

zee 002

…and this :)

The weather here is REALLY changing! It was SO cool this morning. I LOVE the cooler weather, but it certainly makes it hard to get out of the bed in the morning. I missed my run this morning…I’m blaming my comfy sheets and warm blanket. How do you guys motivate to run when it’s chilly out?

Work was great today. My sciatica was really bothering me, but I tried to make time for stretches. On my commute home I drove towards the most beautiful sunset.

zee 003

I was excited to get home tonight; I was looking forward to supper!

zee 004

Gluten Free Tofu Pad Thai!

A new restaurant opened in Chapel Hill a few months ago called Twisted Noodles. They have had a very successful Durham location for years, and I am SO glad that they expanded. (Although it’s def worth driving for) They’re super in the know about gluten free, and their tofu is TASTY! I made sure to have a small serving tonight (it is pan fried) and I had enough left over for lunch tomorrow!

While enjoying our supper tonight, Parrish and I watched Twilight. I know, I know. You’re either thinking “You guys haven’t seen that yet?” or you’re thinking “You guys saw that?”. Well, in all honestly, we thought it was pretty good. The beginning was a little slow and I kind of felt like the Bella character held her breath the entire time, but it was pretty entertaining. We’re both excited about New Moon.

I have to work tomorrow, so it’s nearing bedtime for me. The Soup is on (hysterical) but hopefully I can peel myself away before 11pm…not likely. :)

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CinnamonQuill (jenn) said...

Ohhhh, that Thai looks excellent.

The cold weather is challenging for sure; I don't run outside much (um, like, ever), but I do have to get myself from my warm house to the fitness center .25 mile away. Or, occasionally I totally cave in and drive the distance (which is just pathetic)...Put on your running clothes before you get out of bed! Then there doesn't have to be that meandering around for many wasted moments before finally rallying oneself to get dressed and GO. Oh, is that just me? Oh, ok.

Marlow said...

Cinnamon- I am TOTALLY like that!! I've actually thought of sleeping in my running clothes before! I always put my socks with my shoes the night before :)
On days when I'm in a time crunch, I literally have to write myself a note that I don't have time to dilly dally. Sad :)

Anonymous said...

Your doggie is much too cute and that tofu pad thai looked awfully good!

Farty Girl said...

I wish I had some advice for getting running on a cold day. Currently, I'm sitting at my desk, trying to will myself to the gym for a swim. Either one is uncomfortable. But I try to tell myself that afterwards, I will be warmer and more awake than I am now. That helps. Sometimes. :)

Allie said...

hey! omg, I'm drooling looking at that pad thai! YUM - haven't had that in ages, may find some for lunch, thanks! ;)

how's wedding planning coming?

Mrs. LC said...

Move to FL, we don't have too many days of cool mornings, especially cool enough to make you want to stay in bed! :) haha sorry I'm not much help there.

Also - glad you liked Twilight. I can't wait for New Moon!

Marlow said...

Cottage- That pad thai is SO good. It also doesn't help that I drive by the restaurant on my home from work!!

Farty- I think I'll try righting that in a note to myself...directly beside my alarm

Allie- Ok. Location and date are set. Now just trying to decide invitation themes... Your wedding looked gorgeous!! Are you going to post more pics?

LC- I know! I am officially anticipating New Moon :)

Allie said...

hey!! i probably am not going to post any more pics on the blog - but you can see a few of them here:

I'm getting all the rest of the images in hi-res this coming week! WOO HOO....

Allie ;)