Friday, October 9, 2009

TGI-Feelin’ Good


I am SO glad that I am finally feeling good! I’m so thankful that I was able to get enough rest and hydration to knock it out quickly. I really missed work :( I know, I know I love my job…I’m not ashamed!

PLUS this weekend is pretty much jam packed with AWESOME-ness. I was going to be DE-pressed if I had to miss out because I was sicky.

First off, Saturday is my niece’s FIRST Birthday Party!!

beginning of may 015

Baby Ella aka Lil’ Gluten Loves Me

My bestie Alex is coming up tonight for the party! Alex is my Maid of Honor and my bestie sister Joan is my Matron of Honor. I LOVE getting to hang out with the two of them. BFF Weekend…Honor Weekend…maybe this weekend we should try to think up a clever name for our trio of besties. :)

Alex and I are going to ride to the party together on Saturday morning. You know what that means…


Okay, it’s only two hours away but still; the last time we road tripped together…

bff lap style

we traveled a bit of it lap style. :)

Since Parrish and I have moved, I miss getting to see Alex everyday. She is hilarious. Plus, she’s taking her maid of honor duties very seriously! On my last trip to Wilmington, I accidentally left a bridal magazine at her house. She dutifully mailed the magazine back to me with a few of her notes:

bff wedding notes


Some of the notes were sweet:

bff sweet

And some were honest:

bff brutally honest pic

Some notes were short:

bff short notes

Others were…long…and rambling:

bff rambling pic

Just enough bossy:

bff bossy pic

But ALL hilarious!

bff hilarios

This weekend will be a blast! I’m still going to be on super hydration vitamin C duty and I will def have my fair share of green monsters.

Expect a vlog from the birthday party!


Emily said...

I`m glad that you`re feeling better! It seems to be going around. Two girls at work called in sick this week.

You have such a great friend to put all those sticky notes in there! Hopefully you won't get the notes all mixed up, ha.

iampalegreen said...

Glad you're feeling better! Love the notes on the mag, too funny! And how cute is baby Ella?!