Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Season


This morning I awoke to sunny skies and a brisk chill. Imagine my surprise when I saw this on the morning news:

z rainines 010

This is my dramatic accurately drawn representation. And the weather certainly delivered. By the time I drove home tonight it was wet and rainy.

I was looking forward to coming home tonight to enjoy our first planned meal on our menu: Chicken Tacos!

z rainines 006

Taco Seasoning can actually be pretty hard to find gluten free. Parrish has made it from scratch in the past, but it always take a bit of time to get the flavors spot on. However, in our local Harris Teeter I found Taco Fresca taco seasoning by Nueva Cocina. It even says Gluten Free on the package!

The directions ask to add tomato paste, but we’re not that fancy. We just add 1/3 cup water, and it’s still super tasty! Ground chicken is our taco meat of choice. Lower in calories and fat; PLUS we can’t taste the difference!

Exciting music related news! This came out today:

z rainines 001

Love it! It will never replace the soundtrack to Once, but it’s still SO good! I may or may not have impulsively purchased it at Starbucks…

In other music related news, Parrish and I are going to see Mike Doughty perform tonight! So excited!!!

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Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

I'm feeling the taco love; I think we have tacos at least once a week in this house! I've got to get my November menu planned...Eee!

Joan said...

Mmm we also had chicken tacos made from ground chicken the same night. It was our first time having it-- it was good.