Friday, September 11, 2009

TGIFifth Day


mom time_day 5

This morning was my fifth day running the training guide in this month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine. Look at that sleepy, yet somehow excited to go exercise face! Amazing!

Max was waiting by the door for me when I got out of bed. He was ready!

I was off of work again today! ( I know!!) And I was so excited when my Mom said she was coming over to Chapel Hill to spend the day with me. For lunch I made us an old classic: Roasted Tomato and Leek Pasta. Tasty!

My mom loved it. I added in bits of grilled chicken for protein. It was the perfect addition!

My mom and I spent the day in search of the perfect shoes for me. I’m in the market for a pair of super comfortable, supportive shoes that can relieve a bit of my back pain from being on my feet all day. (And still look okay with an outfit!) Unfortunately, we came up empty handed, but I do have a few ideas of styles to look for online.

Shopping left me SUPER hungry. When we got home I snacked on my new favorite chip!

mom time_rice works

These were on sale at Harris Teeter this past week and I couldn’t resist when I read this on the back label:

mom time_celiac friendly

Celiac Friendly! Love that!! Gluten is VERY unfriendly!

mom time_empty bag

And love these chips! -No the bag was NOT full when I started eating…just almost full :)

Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day at work, but I’m after this week I feel ready to take on anything! I honestly feel like it’s the exercise. I’ve always exercised, but never so consecutively! :) Or maybe I’m just excited about another cup of Iced Pumpkin Spice Coffee!


The random number generator selected #4! Congrats Denise!! I hope you like your relaxation gift pack and I suggest trying the caramel Yoplait Delights!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!!

Countdown to Parrish’s Birthday: 10 days :)


Liz said...

Oooh. I'll have to try those chips. Do you know if they come in non-dairy flavors?

Kudos on the running! Keep it up!

CinnamonQuill said...

Ooo I want to try those Rice Works! Congrats on the running; keep it up :)

Marlow said...

Liz- They have six flavors: sea salt, cinnamon, salsa fresca, parmesan, wasabi, and sweet chili. I've had the salsa fresca (SO GOOD)!! Only two of the flavors contain dairy, the cinnamon and the parmesan. So you have FOUR flavors! Let me know if you try the wasabi.

Cinnamon- Rice Works are SO good! I wish my Harris Teeter had more flavors last week when they were on BOGO.

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

I suggest trying Danskos. I have the clogs and a pair of mary janes that are cute. THey aren't super elegant, but they feel great on the feet.

I've also found that some Kenneth Cole Reactions and Nine West shoes are quality enough to support those of us with feet issues.