Monday, September 7, 2009

Can Do Attitude


Day Two:

day 2 004

The playlist was a success! I bought a few key songs from I Tunes that I love and mixed them with upbeat songs already on my Ipod. It was great! Best song to get me up a hill? Black Eyed Peas – I Got a Feeling; works every time! (There are three hills on the route right out my front door!!)

A few of you have emailed and asked what plan or method I’m using to start running. I’m actually following an article that is in this months issue of Women’s Health:

day 2 019

The article is awesome and inspiring! I’m sure at some point I’ll need to read a bit more on running, but for now I’m using the layout from the article:

day 2 017

My work week has been SO busy, that I’ve had to channel every BIT of positive energy that I have. I feel like exercising has helped me keep up my Can Do Attitude!

I’m so excited to have some time off! What do you guys like to do when you’re off during the week?


CinnamonQuill said...

Ooo, nice! I'll look up the article. As a new runner I'm trying to find balance between cross-training and not running too much to cause injury, but running enough to progress. :) Great job on your run!

iampalegreen said...

I have Patti LaBelle's "New Attitute" in my head after reading that title! Haha...

Good for you, runner girl! I'll have to check out that article... I'm about to start training for a 1/2 marathon in January...gulp!

Liz said...

Yay for running! After a few weeks (okay, close to a month) of slacking in the workout department, you've inspired me to get running again :)

I looove that your pup runs with you. Henry does the same, but he's so darn energetic that he usually pulls me.

Marlow said...

Cinnamon- I know!! I'm actually thinking I might have to run every other day. My shins are a bit sore. I've made sure to stretch and ice my legs afterwards (I have had terrible shin splints before!)

Betsy- Now I have that song in my head!! Good luck in your 1/2!!

Liz- We DEF had to train Max to run on the leash. To get him to stay by my side I have to say "Max. Stay with me." pretty much every 30-45 seconds!! I think Henry and Max may have A LOT in common!

Kate said...

Just found your blog:) You should check out the Cool Runnings website and more specifically the Couch to 5K training program for helpful!