Saturday, August 22, 2009

I’m in Lurve


I am going to ask Liz Holtz to marry me…and I may also ask her husband Dan to marry me too. Why this sudden confession of the heart? Because one of them is responsible for this:

chocolate cookie

Liz Lovely Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cookie (aka Da’ BOMB!!!!)

Liz Lovely is one of those companies that you just love.

They care about the environment:

liz lovely 001

And they care about their product:

“We bake gourmet cookies with organic & fair trade ingredients from our 100% vegan cookie bakery in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Unlike most natural food companies these days, we bake everything in our own bakery and ship it directly to people and stores all over the country.” – Liz Lovely


And they care about Celiacs!!!

When I found out they had a gluten free line last week, I immediately joined their fan club. (I’m not joking, they actually have a fan club!) And I may or may not have gushed in my sign up email about how much I used to love their glutenous cookies and that I was crazy about the fact that they use Fair Trade Chocolate. And that I was dying to try their new gluten free cookies…and that I love them. Yeah, it was a pretty long sign up email. I’m sure it got a few laughs around the office.

So when they emailed me and asked if I wanted to review some of their line for the blog…well, I blushed I was so honored. I was more than familiar with their company from my time working at the food co-op. Back in my glutenous days I was a big fan of their cowgirl cookie. All of their cookies are 100% Vegan, and even though I’m not, I can’t taste a difference!

I was sent three flavors to try: Chocolate Fudge, German Chocolate Cake, and Ginger Molasses. All Gluten Free!!!

Like Coconut?

german chocolate

Then German Chocolate is for you!!

Big flakes of real coconut, hunks of walnut, and the fudgiest (is that a word?) cake you’ve ever tasted!!!

german chocolate tasty

Love Crystallized Ginger?

ginger molasses

Then the Ginger Molasses Cookie is for you! This cookie was instant Christmas for me! The blend of gingerbread spices paired with the bits of crystallized ginger were to die for!! All I needed was a chilly night and cup of Nutcracker Sweet tea!

Love Chocolate? (Like I even need to ask!!)

liz lovely 006

Then the Chocolate Fudge Cookies are for you!! These cookies are SOOOOO GOOD!!! So remember the last time you were making brownies and you snuck a swipe at the bowl and felt a wee bit naughty? Well, these cookies are exactly like that, except you don’t feel naughty because this is the civilized equivalent of sneaking brownie batter. PLUS they use Fair Trade chocolate…so you really shouldn’t feel naughty at all!!

Once again I wish I were rich, and I would send each and everyone of you gluten free gals and guys a box of these cookies. There are so many times that we have to skip the cookies at the party, meeting, or random gathering that we all deserve to have an uninterrupted afternoon with these cookies.

Unfortunately I’m not rich BUT there is some good news!!

Liz Lovely is currently celebrating their ONE YEAR Anniversary of gluten free goodness and they’re offering 20% off everything gluten free!! They have a full line of Gluten Free Cookies and more flavors than featured on this post. So you too my dear readers can fall in love with Liz Lovely!

And become a Cookie Monster!!!

liz lovely 037


So on Twitter today I realized that pretty much everyone in the bloggity world is searching for sponsorship to Foodbuzz Fest!?! Hopefully this will be one situation where being gluten free works in my favor!! I’m not even sure if companies like Enjoy Life, Nature’s Path, Amazing Grass, or LARABAR do sponsorships, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone out there thinks I would be a great representative of their company! :)…wait, should I take the Cookie Monster picture down?


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Love those cookies AND the name of the product :-D

Farty Girl said...

i had a chocofest with those cookies on a PMS binge one afternoon. The best thing about them is their size. Perfect for a pig out!

Unknown said...

I had both the ginger molasses and chocolate while I was back east this spring... if it wasn't so expensive to ship them to Colorado then they would be my weakness!
I was fortunate to have a friend find them for me... :o)
I made your potato pizza crust tonight and loved it.

Marlow said...

VeggieGirl- Me too! Also, never stop blogging!!

FartyGirl- precisely

Camper- I'll ship you some anytime!!

MoonGoddess said...

Aw I want to cry in happiness for you reading this post! I think anything Liz Lovely does is just simply pure bliss!!! Now you get to gobble them up again! Love it! do they make gluten free wedding cakes? hmmm....

iampalegreen said...

Those cookies look and sound amazing! MmmMMmMmmmmm!

NaTy said...

i ordered a shipment of liz lovelies last week :):)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to offer my professional cookie eating (non-celiac) opinion. I ate a full gingersnap for desert last night and it layed me out on the living room floor it was so good. They were soft and delicious, the only way to eat cookies! A great find!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delicious.

We got those Eco-friendly styrofoam peanuts one time at work. So I tasted one. They taste like cheese doodles without the cheese!

Just an odd little FYI for you.

Marlow said...

Emily...yeah, I have totally tasted one of the peanuts too!!! It was a dare at my old job when I worked at the Food Co-op!! Tastes like corn!

suz said...

I can't wait to order some and try these! It's good to see other GFs are going to the foodbuzz fest. Maybe I'll see you there!