Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Cherry On Top


…well actually, the pineapple on top, but cherry sounds much better for a title.

Parrish and I had a fantastic day. We both had the day off of work and our schedules were relatively open. So we ventured out to the West Point of the Eno River for a hike.

west end eno 020

The trails at the Eno are so fun! Lots of climbing, which I love! Most of it runs along the river, so the views are great!

west end eno 022

After the hike we decided to walk the river bed a bit. We both wished we had brought sandals…but no such luck!

west end eno 031

So handsome!

west end eno 035

Lately Parrish has been grilling every Sunday! (Love that!!) Steaks and asparagus were on the menu, but I surprised Parrish with one of our favorite desserts!

west end eno 062

Grilled pineapple with a dollop of Mascarpone Cheese! Tasty!

Grill the pineapple until it begins to char. Serve it with a cold dollop :)

grilled pineapple

Perfect Bite

Wedding UPDATES!!!

We booked the venue and set the date! September 18, 2010 :)

And I’m going to look at wedding dresses tomorrow…SO NERVOUS!!!

Also, I changed my header over the weekend…I’m still not crazy about it. I use Microsoft Clip Art usually, and my previous header ended up on another GF blog as a logo. So I figured I should change mine to keep it fresh. This one is just until I tweak a few of my own pics. That way I won’t have to change it again. But I am not the most savvy computer gal. Any pointers?

I hope everyone has a great Monday tomorrow :)


joanjie said...

I am getting very excited about the big wedding. You better sneak pics when you are looking at dresses tomorrow. :) And the header looks good-- I kinda like it. But I agree that a pic of you would be really cute. :-0

GF Gidget said...

I'm with you on the whole techno savvy thing. I need a computer guru. So excited for you! It's really official feeling when you set the date. Have fun picking a dress. Mine was the first one I tried on.

iampalegreen said...

That pineapple looks delicious. Totally trying it. Thanks for the idea!

Yay Wedding! How exciting. And a September wedding will be lovely!

I'm all the "paint" with my header. I wish I knew how to do techie stuff too. :(

NaTy said...

securing the wedding place is a huge thing to mark off of the to-do list. where will you get married?
ahhhh, The Eno River...luv it.
if you haven't been, you'll have to go to The Eno River festival, usually in the summer some time.

MoonGoddess said...

I'm so excited!!!! & you know I adore that part of September! ;)

Marlow said...

Joanjie- We DEF need to go look at more dresses soon!

Katrina- I am SO jealous (but happy) that your dress was the first you tried on!!

Betsy- Oooooh the pineapple is SO delicious. I love your header!!

Erin- We're getting married at The Barn at Valhalla. You go down 54 past Carrboro and it's before you get to Saxpahaw. The address is Chapel Hill, but it so isn't!

MoonGoddess- I know! I hope it's not too hot!!