Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogger Heaven



Le Sigh.

I have been daydreaming ALL day today…about Food Blogger Heaven.


As a Featured Publisher for Foodbuzz, I enjoy lots of perks. Not only am I a part of a great foodie community, but I often get the opportunity to sample new products before they hit the market.

It’s safe to say that I LOVE food! And so a Food Centered Festival…with bloggery goodness…well that would just be pure heaven!!

Don’t congratulate me dear readers…remember my sigh at the beginning of this post? We must remember that I am saving for my wedding AND while I love my job and what I do for others, I work at a non-profit. Key words non and profit.

So unless reads this post and offers me a free flight (Fingers/toes/eyes crossed) I will just have to enjoy reading about Foodbuzz Blogger Festival on blogs.

I guess I could offer a company the opportunity to tattoo their brand on my body in exchange for a flight, but that’s a little…well…maybe…NO, no that’s crazy!

But I highly encourage all of you to register! Registration is open for Featured Publishers and will open for all other bloggers on the 31st. They have a great lineup planned and it’s sure to be the event of the year!!

But I did at least have something to cheer me up today!

Liz Lovely Gluten Free Cookies!!!!!!


Review to come soon…but let me just say, I’ve already eaten BOTH (you get two giant cookies in a pack) Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cookies and they are AHHHHHmazing. I took a few drool-worthy pics…between bites! :)

Big day at work tomorrow! Fair Trade Coffee Plant giveaway in our community! Too fun! But it’s definitely bed time for me soon!


A Toronto girl out West said...

I want to go too - and I'm thinking of the sponsorship route too. I've had one company ask me for a proposal but I don't know what I have to offer.

Want to brain storm ideas together!? LOL

Marlow said...

Toronto Girl- Lucky duck!! I know that Kath from Kath Eats gets sponsored for most of her trips. You could email her and ask her what she offers.

Keep your fingers crossed and maybe we'll be able to meet up in San Fran!!

A Toronto girl out West said...


Thanks for the advice!

And I'm pretty well determined to be there no matter what (it's an early bday present to myself) so I'll see you in San Francisco! :o)

iampalegreen said...

Ahh...I'm still waiting on the perks of being a featured publisher at FoodBuzz. I would love to attend their crazy blogfest, but like you, I'm poor too!

While those cookies aren't a free airline ticket with hotel accomodations, they sure look like they'll fill some of the void. :)