Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Staple - Seafood


Amazingly, it took Parrish and I moving away from the beach to get us to cook seafood for ourselves. When you live on the coast, it’s way easier to go out to a local seafood shack (Dock Street Oyster Bar how we miss you!!) You may remember my Father’s Day Post, with a super simple recipe for a Southern Boil, and my bacon wrapped trout recipe. July 4th weekend, Parrish attempted his own new recipe…CRAB LEGS!!!!

july 017

He also made a “side dish” Southern Boil! :) The crab legs were on special and our friends Alex and Bobby were visiting…like you need a reason to make crab legs anyway!! Parrish and Bobby arranged a sweet set up outside on our deck too!! (It’s our coffee table covered with a layer of plastic and a layer of newspaper!!)

To make the crab legs Parrish used a stock pot with a steaming basket in the bottom. He filled it with 3 inches of water and dropped in a few clusters at a time. He steamed them for 20-30 minutes, but he said you just steam them until they’re pink.

july 016

No plates needed…and I’m pretty sure the stack of forks stayed clean! :)

I may…or may not have taken more than my share of claws…

july 021


july 027

Parrish’s brother Morgan heard about the spread and came over!! :)

Making crab legs at home is so much more affordable than having them out!


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Allie said...

That looks so amazing!!!! YUM!!!

MoonGoddess said...

dang... now I am CRAVING some seafood.

Can't wait to see you soon!