Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Squash Gratin


Our fridge is bursting at the seams with summer squash. Both produce drawers are full…more wait on the counter…and even more are growing outside in the garden. A little tip: one summer squash plant per two adults should be MORE than enough. Parrish and I have three. :)

It doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling pretty uninventive in the kitchen lately. I’m still adjusting to my new town, home, and job. Plus, I don’t work at a food co-op anymore, so I don’t get to spend all day dreaming about food. I didn’t really notice the squash piling up, but after this weekend’s harvest, I began looking up recipes and making a plan of attack.

summer squash fork

Gluten Free Summer Squash Gratin

You’ll need:

2 yellow squash, sliced (I used my food processor; a mandolin would work too!)

1/2 pound Yukon gold potatoes, sliced

1 cup shredded cheese (Gruyere would be best, but I used Colby Jack)

2 cups Gluten Free Bread Crumbs-I made my own using Whole Foods GF bread

Zest of one lemon


1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup parsley, oregano

Sprinkles of minced onion, red pepper flakes

Two garlic cloves

To make the sauce, use a food processor or hand mixer and combine the herbs with the olive oil and garlic. Process until relatively smooth. Add in the onion and red pepper. Give it a dash of salt too. (I don’t use salt when I’m experimenting. I try to use as little added salt as possible, and I find that I usually don’t even miss it!)

summer squash mess

To make your own bread crumbs, roughly chop four to five slices of gluten free bread. I used my food processor and I used Whole Foods Sundried Tomato and Garlic Gluten Free bread. In a sauté pan, melt 3 tbsp. of butter over medium heat. Toss in the bread crumbs and cook until the bread is saturated and crisp.

In a large bowl, toss the sliced squash and potatoes with the sauce. (I reserved a tiny bit of the sauce to sprinkle on top). Add in 1 1/2 cups of the bread crumbs and 1 3/4 cups of the cheese. Mix well.

squash gratin mix

Preheat your oven to 400. Spray a casserole dish with non-stick spray and sprinkle the bottom with the zest of one lemon. Evenly spread out the gratin mix. Top it off with your left over bread crumbs and cheese.

The cook time really depends on your oven and the thickness of your sliced veggies. Mine cooked for an hour. I would check a slice of potato after 40 minutes.

summer squash big

Serve it with a sprinkle of your left over sauce and a dollop of fat free Greek yogurt.

summer squash middle

I had the leftovers for lunch today. Tasty!! The crisp bread crumbs are SO GOOD!! (It would be even better with a sprinkle of crisp bacon…but so would pretty much everything!)

summer squash fork

Coming up on Thursday…a GIVEAWAY from a NEW gluten free brand!!! :) Any guesses?


Meg said...

What a delicious way to enjoy squash!

GF Gidget said...

I have no clue what the giveaway is going to be, but count me in! I'm so excited!

Susanne said...

Wow, that was delicious! I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter except that I reduced the amount of olive oil a bit and added in a couple handfuls of sliced-up red and yellow grape tomatoes.

I will definitely make this again!