Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tapas Nights; Toast Mornings


Last night Parrish and I wanted to celebrate. He had worked really hard yesterday and then went to a killer interview, and I wanted to surprise him with a special supper. Parrish is Italian, and he loves sliced meats and sharp cheeses. So I prepared a simple and satisfying meal: Tapas!


Robusto shreds, Triple Cream Brie, Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam, Roasted Red Pepper Jelly, Applegate Farms thin sliced Pepperoni, and Warm Olive Medley.

While I assembled the cutting board, Parrish toasted slices of Whole Foods Gluten Free Sandwich Bread.

SO good. I love Triple Cream. It is like the butter of brie's.

tapas_warm olives

Warm olives. Tasty.

We pretty much finished off the entire board. We had a few slices of bread and a handful of olives left over. So this morning I was inspired by the slices of toast. For the first time, I made Gluten Free French toast!

tapas_french toast

For the batter I used 1/4 cup fat free French Vanilla creamer (yeah…I didn’t have any milk), one egg, and a dash of cinnamon. Soak the bread on both sides and cook in a hot pan until crispy.

So good! I haven’t had French Toast in over a year!

tapas_toast dunk



Anyone have any recipes for a savory tomato tart? Parrish just harvested a huge bowl of tomatoes from the garden!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Endless Summer…Squash


Lately when Parrish and I brainstorm what we’re going to make for supper, it usually starts with a question: “How many squash do we still have?”  Our garden was extremely successful this year, but we have now realized that we did in fact plant one too many squash plants. (Two too many actually)

So far this summer we’ve prepared a gratin and a simple sauté, using summer squash. Tonight we thought about making potato cakes with summer squash. However I was starving, and so we went with Quick Squash Fritters instead.

summer squash fritters_2

SO GOOD!! I know a recipe is a success when after the meal Parrish says, “We should definitely make that again!”

To make Squash Fritters you’ll need:

Three medium sized yellow squash; peeled and cubed

1/2 an onion; diced

1/2 cup Masa Flour (much finer than corn meal)

1/2 tsp. baking powder

Salt & pepper

One egg; beaten

One cup shredded cheddar cheese

Pour the cubes into a medium sized pot and cover with water. Add salt and bring to a boil. Boil the squash for about 12 minutes or until tender. Drain well. Pour back into the pot (or a large mixing bowl but we don’t like to dirty too many dishes) and add the beaten egg. Mash the squash. Add in the rest of ingredients. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then the batter is ready to fry up! Heat 2-3 inches of oil over medium heat. Using a spoon, form the  batter into small balls and drop in. Cook until golden brown.

summer squash fritters

Parrish enjoyed his with hot sauce. I dipped mine into 0% fat Plain Greek Yogurt. Tasty!!

Hope everyone has a happy hump day tomorrow and…


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easy…and gluten free? PLUS a GIVEAWAY!


Most gluten free recipes seem like a laundry list of obscure ingredients. Gluten free baking alone always requires multiple flours and starches and powders. The first GF cookbook I bought was depressing. Each recipe was at least 13 ingredients…seriously, the shortest recipe in the book is 13 ingredients long!! So over the past year of my gluten free life, I had been content making up my own recipes, re-creating fellow bloggers’ recipes, and adjusting non-gluten free recipes. I would always browse the cookbook section, and I even bought a second GF cookbook which I’ve never used. I just could never find a GF cookbook that seemed practical.

Enter Chef Rob.



Chef Robert Landolphi doesn’t actually “hate gluten”; his wife does. In the year 2000, Rob’s wife Angela was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. As a fellow gluten-hater, she admits that there is nothing that could taste good enough to make her willingly ingest gluten again. And I can totally relate to that! My friends and family will often question me about how I have managed to never “cheat”, but not having an autoimmune disorder themselves, I tell them they couldn’t imagine how bad it feels for me to ingest gluten. Yes, I miss mozzarella sticks so much that my mouth actually waters when I think about them, but I would never in a million years eat one.

So when I was contacted a few weeks ago about reviewing a new gluten free cookbook, I of course said YES! When I received the email I googled the book Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook, and read all about Chef Rob and the purpose behind his cookbook. I was so touched by the intent of the book. He created the recipes and even dedicated the book to his wife!! Romantic!! My fiancé Parrish is the exact same. He is a self-proclaimed “gluten lover” (he even jokes about starting his own blog titled Gluten Loves Me), but he experiments in the kitchen…for me.

Rob trained at Johnson and Wales, so I knew the recipes would be great, but I was worried about them being difficult. But they couldn’t be easier!! This cookbook really is for every day. The recipes are simple! Umm…Vanilla Cookie Piecrust with only 4 ingredients!!?! Yes!


Ready for the best part?! The kind folks behind the publicity for the book have offered to giveaway a copy to one lucky Gluten Hates Me reader!!

Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook GIVEAWAY

To enter: Leave me a comment or shoot me an email with your contact info (first name & email) and which of these two recipes you would most like to try: Smoked Gouda Polenta or Tri-Spiced Onion Rings with Horseradish sauce. Enter before August 1st at 12noon!

Good luck!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the winner is…


Lucky # 14!!

Congrats Erin from Gluten Free with a Purpose!! Email me your info!

I wish I was independently wealthy; I would mail all of you a Betty Crocker Gluten Free Prize Pack!!

Parrish and I went to see Harry Potter last night!! We needed a quick supper, but eating gluten free can’t always be quick. Fast food is out (it’s nasty anyway) and I didn’t have any bread for a quick sandwich. SO we threw together a salad that was TASTY!!!

summer 026

Local spinach with local feta and local berries, topped with a balsamic glaze. Mmm…I LOVE Balsamic Glaze!!! So good! The salad was perfect! We cut it really close because we also had to squeeze in taking Max to the dog park. But…I’m pretty sure it was worth it:

july 011

Max is part beagle, part basenji; he doesn’t often get so tuckered out!!

So precious!!

Next week I have another surprise for you guys!! Okay, okay, it’s another giveaway!! But this time it’s from me and it would be great for anyone who likes to eat, gluten free or not!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Staple - Seafood


Amazingly, it took Parrish and I moving away from the beach to get us to cook seafood for ourselves. When you live on the coast, it’s way easier to go out to a local seafood shack (Dock Street Oyster Bar how we miss you!!) You may remember my Father’s Day Post, with a super simple recipe for a Southern Boil, and my bacon wrapped trout recipe. July 4th weekend, Parrish attempted his own new recipe…CRAB LEGS!!!!

july 017

He also made a “side dish” Southern Boil! :) The crab legs were on special and our friends Alex and Bobby were visiting…like you need a reason to make crab legs anyway!! Parrish and Bobby arranged a sweet set up outside on our deck too!! (It’s our coffee table covered with a layer of plastic and a layer of newspaper!!)

To make the crab legs Parrish used a stock pot with a steaming basket in the bottom. He filled it with 3 inches of water and dropped in a few clusters at a time. He steamed them for 20-30 minutes, but he said you just steam them until they’re pink.

july 016

No plates needed…and I’m pretty sure the stack of forks stayed clean! :)

I may…or may not have taken more than my share of claws…

july 021


july 027

Parrish’s brother Morgan heard about the spread and came over!! :)

Making crab legs at home is so much more affordable than having them out!


***Don’t forget to enter in the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Giveaway!!! Leave a comment on the post or email me: marlowapril –at- with which mix you’re dying to try to enter!!

Other fun things to check out:

I love this article on how to have fun without breaking the bank! Game night anyone?

Happiness Can Be Found All Around Without Breaking the Bank
Ideas on making each day wonderful without spending a lot of money.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Gluten Free Giveaway

I would say that my favorite thing about blogging is the community that you find, not only in your readers but in other websites that bring bloggers together. My Blog Spark is one of those websites. My Blog Spark provides a central location for bloggers to share and discuss their favorite products, plus they often provide you with a sneak peak at products. This past week they offered me the opportunity to give away a Gluten Free Betty Crocker Gift Pack...and of course I jumped at the opportunity!!
So starting tonight, leave me a comment with which mix is your favorite, or if you haven't tried them yet, which mix you've been dying to try. You can also email me: marlowapril -at- to enter. I'll use the random number generator next Thursday, the 16th to decide the winner.
Good luck!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Squash Gratin


Our fridge is bursting at the seams with summer squash. Both produce drawers are full…more wait on the counter…and even more are growing outside in the garden. A little tip: one summer squash plant per two adults should be MORE than enough. Parrish and I have three. :)

It doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling pretty uninventive in the kitchen lately. I’m still adjusting to my new town, home, and job. Plus, I don’t work at a food co-op anymore, so I don’t get to spend all day dreaming about food. I didn’t really notice the squash piling up, but after this weekend’s harvest, I began looking up recipes and making a plan of attack.

summer squash fork

Gluten Free Summer Squash Gratin

You’ll need:

2 yellow squash, sliced (I used my food processor; a mandolin would work too!)

1/2 pound Yukon gold potatoes, sliced

1 cup shredded cheese (Gruyere would be best, but I used Colby Jack)

2 cups Gluten Free Bread Crumbs-I made my own using Whole Foods GF bread

Zest of one lemon


1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup parsley, oregano

Sprinkles of minced onion, red pepper flakes

Two garlic cloves

To make the sauce, use a food processor or hand mixer and combine the herbs with the olive oil and garlic. Process until relatively smooth. Add in the onion and red pepper. Give it a dash of salt too. (I don’t use salt when I’m experimenting. I try to use as little added salt as possible, and I find that I usually don’t even miss it!)

summer squash mess

To make your own bread crumbs, roughly chop four to five slices of gluten free bread. I used my food processor and I used Whole Foods Sundried Tomato and Garlic Gluten Free bread. In a sauté pan, melt 3 tbsp. of butter over medium heat. Toss in the bread crumbs and cook until the bread is saturated and crisp.

In a large bowl, toss the sliced squash and potatoes with the sauce. (I reserved a tiny bit of the sauce to sprinkle on top). Add in 1 1/2 cups of the bread crumbs and 1 3/4 cups of the cheese. Mix well.

squash gratin mix

Preheat your oven to 400. Spray a casserole dish with non-stick spray and sprinkle the bottom with the zest of one lemon. Evenly spread out the gratin mix. Top it off with your left over bread crumbs and cheese.

The cook time really depends on your oven and the thickness of your sliced veggies. Mine cooked for an hour. I would check a slice of potato after 40 minutes.

summer squash big

Serve it with a sprinkle of your left over sauce and a dollop of fat free Greek yogurt.

summer squash middle

I had the leftovers for lunch today. Tasty!! The crisp bread crumbs are SO GOOD!! (It would be even better with a sprinkle of crisp bacon…but so would pretty much everything!)

summer squash fork

Coming up on Thursday…a GIVEAWAY from a NEW gluten free brand!!! :) Any guesses?