Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fancy Schmancy


Once a month at the Durham Farmer’s Market, a local chef prepares samples made with items from the market. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to get to sample Trout wrapped in Bacon. Yum! Parrish was instantly in love. However, I didn’t go get the samples, so I had NO idea how it was made.

So then Parrish and I went and enjoyed a fun day at the pool with friends. With all the sun and swimming, we really worked up an appetite. Parrish and our friend Danny agreed to go pick up some items to grill. Their only stipulation was that whatever they picked up, my friend Amber and I had to cook.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised when they came back with trout and bacon. I should also mention that I have never cooked fish. Ever. I quickly scanned the internet for at least an idea of how to cook trout, but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have a ton of ingredients. So I winged it. (And actively thought of restaurant ideas in case it didn’t work out!!)

But it did!!

bacon wrapped trout big 

I patted the trout dry, and then rubbed it with garlic powder, thyme, and Italian seasoning. I cut it into 2 inch wide chunks and applied a small dollop of honey onto each piece. I then wrapped each chunk with a piece of Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon. Tasty!

bacon wrapped trout

Grilled to perfection. We served it with creamy risotto and grilled asparagus.

I will definitely cook with trout again! It’s not fishy at all. Very light and flaky.

This afternoon I’m headed to cover an event for Foodbuzz. :)


Over 50 local chefs and farmers are pairing up to create gourmet dishes fit for a foodie! I can’t wait!! I’m crossing my fingers that there will be lots of gluten free options available and new recipe ideas!

Look for the post tonight!


GF Gidget said...

Nice! Way to wing it. I did the same thing last night. Actually, I was creating a coconut and lime recipe for Rachel's giveaway. Have fun at the event! I just applied to become a foodbuzz featured publisher. Crossing my fingers it works!

Marlow said...

I will keep my fingers crossed! I LOVE Foodbuzz :) It's a great place to find recipes!