Friday, May 1, 2009

TGI…wait…it’s Friday?!


Oh man…what a week!!! (I really should put 1,000 exclamation points; it’s been that kind of week!)

end of april 002

Even Max is tired!

So…where to start? First I want to say THANK YOU so much to all of you for your dear comments and emails. I am so thankful to have such sweet readers and friends. My Grandmother actually did not pass until Sunday. She was in hospice for 7 days, but she was comfortable and pain free. Hospice is such an incredible blessing! So I started out last weekend making a gluten free gift basket for my family. Celiac Disease is pretty dominant on my father’s side, and I have 3 gluten free aunts and one uncle. My family is originally from rural SC, and so I’m sure you can imagine that there aren’t too many gluten free options.

I filled the basket with calming teas, gluten free Chex, vanilla soymilk, gluten free bars, and three baked fresh goodies. I was on a tight schedule, so I went to Whole Foods and picked up the mixes for cornbread, muffins, and chocolate chip cookies.

whole foods mixes 028

These mixes are AWESOME!! My family members gave them two thumbs up, and they traveled well. And of course, I had to “test” the finished product! :)

whole foods mixes 035

Tastes just like Nestle!

whole foods mixes 036

The batter is seriously crazy! It appears to be way too crumbly, but when you roll a dollop into a ball, it sticks. Mmmm….buttery.

whole foods mixes 022

Gluten free muffin mix with fresh blueberries added. Best served warm with a pad of butter.

whole foods mixes 030

Gluten free cornbread. Best served with…a pad of butter :)

Thankfully, the basket was a hit. I am so blessed in regards to my family. I adore my aunties, so I was really happy to make a gift for them!

This past Saturday I thought I was going to be heading to SC, but the trip didn’t end up happening until Monday. So I was able to hang out with mine and Parrish’s close friends, Mack and Amy. We ended up going on the Piedmont Farm Tour, and our first stop was the Chapel Hill Creamery.

end of april 043 

Too cute jersey cows! You may remember my post about their cheese earlier this month. Soooo good! Their facility is top notch and super clean. We had to wear booties! Amy looked so cute in her booties!

end of april 029

Next we went to ECO Farm. It’s a grass roots smaller farm, but they produce a ton! Shitake mushrooms, pork, and veggies: Talk about diverse!

end of april 051

Did you know that you grow shitakes on logs? Am I the only person that didn’t know this?! In the picture above, Farmer John is explaining how you drill holes into logs and then plug them with a mixture of sticky wax and moldy shitake smut. Then you just pray for a few weeks that mushrooms will grow!

While the farm does have pigs they process for meat, they also have potbelly pigs they have rescued: Vernon & Dixie.

end of april 055 

Red Russian Kale (aka future Green Monster!!)

end of april 049

The last stop on our tour wasn’t actually a farm, but it’s an educational agricultural center that was started by a farm. The best part was that they had a miniature donkey!

end of april 066

end of april 063

Farm Tour friends!

Farm tours are always so much fun! I highly suggest going on one.

And then (as if this post wasn’t long enough!!!!) on Tuesday I started my new job. My last day at the co-op was March 31st, and I didn’t have to start my new job until April 28th!! I was beginning to forget what it felt like to work. My new job is even better than my last job!! I am a lucky gal, because I really won the job lottery. I am the new Assistant Director at a non-profit, completely fair trade store! I love it! There are only two paid staff, the rest is volunteers. Everyone is incredibly nice (and sweet as sugar); I love it! Did I mention that I love it?!

Ok, I will be returning to my regular posting schedule soon! It’s been a crazy busy week, but hopefully I’ll have new recipes soon. Just as soon as I can find time to get in the kitchen!

Ahh! I almost forgot! Today is Day 2 for my twin brother: gluten free! :)

Ok, Ok, this post is waaaaaaay to long!


Unknown said...

I am sorry for your loss.

I am sure that basket not only filled your families bellies, but their hearts as well.

The tours looked amazing.

Congrats on that amazing job!

Slimming Su said...

May I speak for the Aunties, uncle and cousin who thoroughly enjoyed the basket. I would never have known the cookies, cornbread and muffins were from a mix. WF is the best, but the cook is even better!! What a sweet niece we have to do such a thoughtful thing for us. Aunt Jeannie and I enjoyed the last muffin on Thursday and it was still moist and tender.
Much love, Aunt Suzanne

Anonymous said...