Thursday, May 28, 2009

Restaurant Review: Tyler’s Taproom


tylers 003

I hate choosing where to go for dinner. I’m still not comfortable breaching the “gluten” subject with the wait staff, but I’m getting there. However, it’s AHHMAZING when the menu has a gluten free selection and even better when they have a gluten free beer LIST. Not just one option they keep in the back off ice, BUT multiple selections!!

tylers 001 

Green’s!! I’ve had the Green’s beer before, but I hadn’t tried the Quest. A Tripel Blonde Beer, it was light tasting with a hint of fizz. I loved it!

For my meal I ordered the pulled chicken BBQ sans bun with a side of garlic fries. I asked my waitress if the BBQ sauce was gluten free and she went to ask the chef. Indeed it was!! She said they make the BBQ sauce from scratch, so they could trace all the ingredients. Score!

It was so good…that I didn’t have time to take a picture.

I give Tyler’s Taproom 4 stars!!!


Anonymous said...

funny. i just posted about BBQ.
i'll have to give ole' tyler's a try!

Rusty said...

Nice - Greens!!! Sounds like a great place.