Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Hominy


Hominy is one of the least used ingredients in my kitchen (Beets are #1). I was first introduced to hominy by my best friend Alex. She had found a recipe for a soup that called for hominy. You may remember it from an earlier post.

I had a can of hominy in the pantry left over from January, and I thought it was time to experiment. Hominy is used in a lot of recipes with spicy flavors, so I thought a South of the Border style casserole was the way to go. Plus, I had a can of tomatoes with chili peppers. The result: Hump Day Hominy Hodgepodge!

hump day hominy

I wouldn’t say that this dish is necessarily a recipe…more just proof that classic flavors can be easily replicated. I used a can of hominy drained, a can of tomatoes with chilies, 1/2 cup shredded cheese, and a can of spinach. I would normally NEVER use canned spinach, but it was all I had in a pinch. Mix together and bake at 350 for one hour. Top with fat free plain Greek yogurt. Is it just me or does plain Greek yogurt taste just as good as sour cream?!! Parrish isn’t  convinced, but I don’t taste any difference.

In other happy hump day news, I want to give a TON of gratitude to Erin from Gluten Free with a Purpose, Linda from Gluten Free Homemaker, and Gluten Free from A to Z!! They each awarded me the Attitude of Gratitude Award!


Thank you ladies SO MUCH!! I’m glad that you feel like I am positive about my gluten free life!! (I’m glad you didn’t know me in my first few months after my Celiac diagnosis!!) It’s such an honor when blogs I love love me back!

I can’t wait to share this award with some of you who are making lemonade out of lemons at your blog!

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Meg said...

Love your hominy creation!