Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Economic Eats


When folks find out that I’m gluten free, they often ask me what I can eat. And so I’ll pull up my website and show them how well I eat, without gluten. However, when one of my new volunteers asked me what I eat today, and I showed her my website she said, “Hominy?!” I could see the disgust in her face. And I realized I haven’t really been blogging that much lately, which is what I explained to the volunteer  as I pulled up older posts for her to see.

I’m fairly sure that I convinced her in the end that gluten free is delicious, but tonight when I opened my fridge I was reminded of her face.


My fridge is seriously sad!! As most of you know, Parrish I moved a month ago, and my last day at the co-op was March 31st. I didn’t start my new job until the end of April, and I don’t get my first check until…this Friday!! So, Parrish has been supporting a family of three (Me, Parrish, and Max of course!). My parents and Parrish’s parents have helped us a ton over the past month and a few weeks, but we’re getting down to the bare bones. (And YES I know there is a lot of yogurt in our fridge, but I LOVE Oikos and it’s on sale at Whole Foods)

So hopefully through this new home hiatus, I haven’t lost all of you as readers. I can assure you, we’re going to the Farmer’s Market this weekend and I’ll have a TON of new recipes to share with you. But until then, I leave you with some Economic Eats. A dessert made with gluten free brownies that were given to me by my future brother and sister law.

mid may 011

Whole Foods brand gluten free brownies and a tablespoon of peanut butter.


I also wanted to let you guys know that I’m not the only member of my family with a website! My niece Ella has been nominated for the Baby of the Month over at Happy Heiny. I’m not trying to sway votes, but come on! Look at this puddin’!! (She’s the cutie in the rocking chair sporting her Silly Monkey reusable diaper)

beginning of may 015


Anonymous said...

awww. your niece SHOULD win. precious. precious.
what kind of peanut butter is that? sooooo creamy :)

Marlow said...

That is by far my MOST favorite peanut butter. Maranantha no-stir creamy. It is heaven.