Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crop Mob…rain or shine


My friend Trace and his partner Kristin live on Circle Acres. Circle Acres is a farm that they started with their close friends Noel and Danielle. They all live on the farm with another friend Gray who came to apprentice and I’m pretty sure fell in love. Also living on the farm are three pigs, some fowl, and two goats. This is the first year farming this land, and it’s amazing to see how far they have come.

A Crop Mob is a group of willing workers who hear the call and come together to help out on someone’s farm. Today was first time working with our local mob, and I was glad it was at Circle Acres.

Putting out “the call” is as simple as an email:

Who: Crop Mob
What: a million things, eating good food, building community
Where: Circle Acres farm
Silk Hope, NC

Why: why not
When: 10am-3:30pm Sunday May 24th

We (Danielle, Gray, Kristin, Noel and Trace) at Circle Acres farm are planning a work weekend for May 22nd-24th.  We are also calling out for a Crop Mob on Sunday the 24th from 10-3.

We have plenty of camping space available for both Friday and Saturday nights.  Parking at the farm is interesting, so please fill vehicles to the max…

Here are some of the things we might get into -

- sheet mulching “lumps” for the pumpkin patch
- removal of privet and bio-char demonstration
- building sheet mulch beds
- prepping land for a living fence
- untangling and testing used drip tape
- plugging mushroom logs
- pulling new electrical wire in the house
- ripping out plumbing
- digging a gray water trench
- building a solar shower
- playing around with cob mixtures

For food, please bring snacks, drinks and whatever you think you might want to have on hand for the weekend.  We will cook for the Saturday dinner and Sunday Crop Mob lunch; we’ll do our best to provide for other meals, but any help is appreciated.

Please RSVP as soon as you can and let us know what days you will be at the farm.  Also let us know if you have any special needs, dietary or otherwise.

Parrish and I worked on laying down cardboard, and then mulch in between rows.

summer 046

Another group worked on the bio-char pit, and a third group worked on plugging mushroom logs.

summer 065

An hour into working, it began to POUR rain. A few workers were prepared with rain gear, but most took cover underneath the lean-to with the goats. Parrish and I kept working. We welcomed the rain.

Once the rain subsided, Kristin and Danielle served everyone lunch. It was an amazing spread!

summer 069

Everything on the table was either grown locally, or salvaged.

I enjoyed the fresh greens and tomatoes. I love fresh salad greens! Toss in some tomatoes and you don’t even need dressing!

summer 067

summer 068

Sprinkled with rain drops :)

The best part of lunch BY FAR was an amazing soup Danielle made from scratch. And being the thoughtful lady she is, it was even labeled with ingredients!

summer 070

After lunch, everyone went to visit the piggies. Trace and his crew use them to root and till the earth. They do a great job! PLUS they’re adorable!!

summer 056

summer 064

They also loved the rain.

Spending a day on a farm makes me grateful…and tired. But it was a great way to spend a Sunday, rain or shine. Especially when you see what all that work and rain will create with a little patience.

summer 044


The Stay At Home Son said...

Great post. Very cool. Love the pig pics, too! Cuuute!!

MoonGoddess said...

Awww. I hate I missed it. I was tempted to come, but life gets in the way sometimes.

These pictures ROCK! As do you, Parrish & everyone else who lended a hand.