Friday, May 29, 2009

The BEST chicken…ever


Goya is not a brand that I often buy. Not for any particular reason, I just seem to always overlook it. My best friend Krista and her husband Darren were the first to introduce me to Mojo Criollo, one of Goya’s BEST marinades. It’s a mix of garlic, onion, and citrus; plus it’s completely gluten free!

shred goya chicken

(I used boneless, skinless Organic “smart” chicken breast and let it marinate for 4 hours. I did stab the chicken 15-20 times with a fork and used a shallow bowl to meld the chicken and sauce. Be sure to cover the chicken completely with the sauce.)

I took the chicken over to a friend’s house for supper. We did a serve yourself taco bar. I enjoyed my Criollo chicken on an openfaced crispy corn tortilla with fresh cilantro, diced tomato, cheese, and 0% fat plain Greek yogurt.

shred chicken openfaced taco

So GOOOOOD!!! This chicken is mouthwatering tasty. Literally. My mouth is watering right now.


MoonGoddess said...

delish! Your pictures make me drool lady! Ug.

Unknown said...

MoonGoddess is right, awesome and drool worthy pic!

Goya is a brand that we use pretty often at my home. My mom is from Argentina and lived in Peru during her childhood. It adds great flavor to foods, which you found out ;) Not a lot of people know this! When they try something I make with Goya they are amazed!

I love your wedding blog by the way :)