Saturday, April 18, 2009

It’s been one of those days…


…one of those dreamy days. Parrish and I moved a week ago today, and the excitement is still buzzing around our new house. (In addition to the cardboard boxes and crumpled newspaper)

This morning we woke up and took a short drive to Durham. We met one of Parrish’s brothers, his wife, and their children around 9:30 at the Durham Farmer’s Market.


This market was packed! Our new home in Chapel Hill is in the center of literally 11 Farmer’s Markets’; I had been researching locations and vendors all week, and still couldn’t decide where to go! So I was relieved when they asked us to join them!

We had such a fun time! The weather was perfect and each vendor was brimming with their local goods. We ended up with a bunch of spring onions, four green tomatoes, cheese, asparagus, and plants. I was SUPER excited about the asparagus. Local asparagus is truly special…but more on that tomorrow.

local asparagus

For now, I want to tell you about the cheese. Artisan, gourmet cheeses are usually worth the price. But, when you know where the cows live and drive past their pasture on the way to work, it becomes priceless. Not to mention totally delicious.

farmers cheese

Please let me introduce you to my new favorite cheese: Chapel Hill Creamery Farmer’s Cheese. My best friend Alex has bought this cheese before and loved it! I couldn’t resist! I could hardly stand waiting until we got home to taste a wedge. It’s creamy, salty, and tart…plus, how cute is that logo?! (Yes, I am easily wooed by gorgeous packaging)

farmers cheese closeup

It’s great alone or spread onto a warm strawberry!

After the farmer’s market, Parrish and I prepared a quick lunch and then took Max for a long walk on a local trail.

mid April 045

He was so excited he had his “puppy ears” on. (that’s when Max has his ears straight forward)

mid April 055

It was a great trail! Lots of hills and greenery.

mid April 051

It evens runs parallel to a creek! (yeah I’m geekin’ a little over our new town)

I hope that someday soon I’ll be able to afford a heart rate monitor. I’m not really sure how many calories I burned today, but I did reward myself with a small bowl of dark chocolate ice cream before I started this post! I really want the Garmin…I know, I know, laughable but a girl can dream!

Want a really good laugh?

As some of you may remember, before I moved I worked at a food Co-op in Wilmington called Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market. Tidal Creek is a member of the NCGA (National Cooperative Grocers Association). The NCGA is a group of 100s of co-ops across the country, and last month they sponsored a contest. Each co-op could submit videos on why their co-op “rocks”. The winner won’t be announced until May, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of our entry:

I hope you’re having a good weekend!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

FABULOUS outing!! Love farmer's markets.

Max is so cute!! :-)

GF Gidget said...

Jealous of you and your farmer's market. It sounds like you had a great day! I don't know how close Pembroke or Morganton are to you. But, if you are interested, I travel with the Broadway show Movin' Out. We play both of these locations in the next two weeks or so. If you would like, I can try to get you 2 comp tickets. Let me know!

Meg said...

What a fabulous time! The trails look awesome. Going to check out the link.

Anonymous said...

oh, you're making me homesick :)
your video is GREAT! i hope your "crib" wins!!

MoonGoddess said...

The title had me worried about you, but the post makes me feel all warm & fuzzy! So much joy in your life! Good family fun, cheese & veggies, trails and that goofy video! love it!

& you know I admire the gadget geekiness & am always up for a bit of an online fitness challenge if you get the urge!

So I guess here's hoping that all your days are one of these days!

Marlow said...

Katrina- I'll look into it and let you know! Thanks! I would love to meet you and I love Broadway!

Meg- I hope you enjoyed it!

Erin- Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You and P want to do the farm tour this Saturday? I have a tour button but I'm stuck in the country that day. I can put in gas money as well.


Lindsay said...

I just found you and your blog, and I am enjoying it. Heck yes you should be excited about living in Chapel Hill, the best 4 years of my life were spent in that town. Have fun exploring!