Friday, April 24, 2009

Gluten Free Bride to Be


Can you tell the difference between these two pictures of flowers?

gorgeous carnations_up close 

paper flowers 007

The second photo are not actually real flowers! They’re carnations that I made out of tissue paper this morning!

Paper flowers are recyclable, reusable, and can’t wilt! Plus they’re only about 3 cents a flower! Both Parrish and I work in the non-profit sector, so I’m looking for any aspect of our wedding to be DIY. At first I thought that we could grow our own flowers. BUT I don’t have much luck growing flowers. So I looked around for paper flowers…and if you buy them pre-made, they’re pretty expensive! ($25 for 3) Luckily, you can find directions to make just about any craft online, and after a few tries I had a bouquet of carnations! My first flower I made was good, but I made it pretty large. My second flower was medium, but my last three were just right.

I’m actually excited to be planning our wedding myself. I LOVE planning parties, and I’ve always (secretly) wanted to be a wedding planner. Hopefully you guys won’t mind a little* (read a lot) of wedding info over the next year. I love ideas and input! So far Parrish and I have chosen our theme: Southern Hospitality; our location: Wilmington, NC- on a farm (where we met and fell in love); our colors: black, white, & spring green; our wedding favors: tomato plants/tomato seeds/tomato relish; reception food: pulled pork BBQ; reception activity: Cornhole;

But I LOVE new ideas!! I can’t wait to rummage yard sales and thrift stores over the next few months for more milk glass and mason jars to use at the reception.

My aunt pointed out that when I shared my pics from the engagement that I didn’t show you guys a close up of the ring. Last night when I was picking apart the roses from that night to preserve, I did a pretty dorky photo shoot with my ring. I thought I would share. (Ok, ok, a super dorky photo shoot BUT I love my ring!)

engagement ring 004

engagement ring 011

Sapphire is Parrish’s birth stone :) He built the ring himself! I gave him absolutely NO info. He did a great job!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

STUNNING job making those flowers!! Love 'em!! And the ring :-)

Anonymous said...

i actually like the paper flowers better...seriously :)
that ring is gorgeous. you must feel so proud to have that on your finger!
your wedding ideas sound fabulous.

MoonGoddess said...


Can't wait to hear more plans! I love the DIY aspect, makes it more personal. & I have to agree the paper flowers are gorgeous! I didn't believe they weren't real at first! Very cool!

& I think its also pretty cool that Parrish picked out a ring pretty darn close to one you created for fun MONTHS ago while bored with me at work! :)

yup...loving it! Your joy is infectious...keep spreading it around!

~Mariah~ said...

I'm not getting married but I have friends who are, and we've been stalking this blog for ideas: They post GORGEOUS photos of all different types of weddings, and most of the photos are of wedding details, which can give you all kinds of ideas. They also have a whole DIY section! Maybe it will help give you some ideas! ~;o)

H.Peter said...

Stunningly gorgeous ring.

Marlow said...

Veggie Girl- Thanks!

Erin- I do! It makes doing everything more fun. For example, doing the dishes is way more fun with this rock on my hand!

MoonGoddess- Love you!

Z- Thanks!!! I have seen that website! I love that websites that post pics of real weddings, because that's where you can get the best ideas!

H.Peter- Thanks!

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Congrats! Your ring is stunning and I love the fact you are so involved with all the aspects of your wedding!

GF Gidget said...

Gorgeous ring and flowers! Way to be "crafty"! I have a money saving wedding hint. My older sister did this and it worked like a charm. Have a decoy wedding cake! Her wedding cake was a huge gorgeous creating, but it was really just decorated boxes stacked like a cake. The one layer they cut was the only real layer. Then, the cake was wheeled into the kitchen, presumably to be cut and served. There was actually a sheet cake in the kitchen to serve. No one had a clue. Plus it was waaaay cheaper and easier than trying to bake and decorate a giant, real cake.

Linda said...

I love the paper flowers, and the ring is gorgeous. (I don't think the photos are dorky.)

Jen said...

absolutely GORGEOUS ring!!!! I look forward to reading about all your wedding planning adventures!

Linda said...

Marlow, I have enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for the Attitude of Gratitude Award.

Allie said...

looove your ring! Gorgeous!!

Liz said...

Yay for GF/DIY Weddings!

You two are the cutest and I can't wait to hear more about your planning. I'll be sure and do a re-cap of mine on my blog come June!

Anonymous said...

DIY weddings are the BEST!. No better expressions exist than a wedding touched by the hands of the bride, groom and families.
Ours was held in NYC in the youth hostel. We planted flower centerpieces with lovely tulips and herbs from the flower district.
We cooked the meal in the kitchens of the non profit organization (God's Love We Deliver) that I was working for then. My dress was a family heirloom Irish linen and lace tea dress.
Heck you can even read about it, we were the wedding of the week in the NY Times.

Best of luck, I love to read about weddings and will keep and eye out for good ideas for you. Have you thought of using paper with seeds inside? The guests just plant the invite after the wedding and have a little flower garden. If you are inclined, it is really easy to make paper using paper that would be recycled. just as you finish deckling it, you add the wildflower seeds.

Denise @ Raw Brides said...

Ok - I'm officially impressed by those flowers. Please post a video or something if you have time. You can recycle them straight afterwards too, or keep for ever.

And the ring is gorgeous too! Very romantic and vintage looking.

Interesting concept of your site, I started eating raw food because I was diagnosed with yeast and wheat intolerances. Made me itchy and crazy!

My pics here: