Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Beans & Giveaways


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Green beans are one of the first vegetables I learned how to cook. I was reminded of this today when I was asked what my grandfather liked to grow on his land. For as long as I’ve been in this life, my grandfather rented out his land to neighbors. 30 acre pieces, to those who were willing and able. But he would always have a few rows of green beans and yellow squash. My grandfather loves green beans. Actually, everyone in my family loves green beans. I have sweet childhood memories of snapping green beans by the bucket, prepping them to be canned.

I also have NIGHTMARES of shucking corn. I can remember helping my Dad on our own acres and dreading the rows and rows of corn. At the time I was too naive to realize that each plant only grows 2 (3 if you’re lucky) cobs of corn. When it was time to harvest, my family would sit out under one of our pecan trees and shuck the entire harvest. Sweat dripping down our brows and acting like glue to any strands of “corn silk” a sibling would toss your way.

We ate a lot of preserved food. I can remember eating a batch of cream corn that had been in the freezer for almost 2 years. Most folks would toss it out after 6 months, afraid of freezer burn. I bet my Dad still has a few batches in his freezer.

I’m nervous about losing my preserved foods when I move. A concept that seems silly to most, but when you grow up in a rural area with a large family, you learn to treasure food. I have trays of minced garlic and basil. Bags of oregano from Parrish’s first garden. A container of beef stew and a loaf of gluten free bread; vegetables and blueberries. Maybe I should have a potluck before we leave…

Gluten Free Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway last week! I loved reading your comments and emails. I used a random number integer and the lucky winner is:


Congrats Veggie Girl! Email me with your address and I’ll get those shipped out soon! I hope you like the Adzuki Bean as much as I do!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Lovely green beans!! And sorry about the corn dreams, haha ;-)

HOLY GOODNESS I WON!! SO EXCITED!! I'll email you :-)

ba said...

Aww, what a sweet story!

Love the idea of a potluck... "Clear the Pantry Potluck" - could be a fun theme party!!

Meg said...

I have lots of memories about snapping beans.

Marlow said...

Veggie Girl- Ahh yes...corn shucking :) I'm excited you won too!!

ba- I know! Hopefully I can throw some things together. I need to call in to A Splendid Table!

Meg- I still love to snap beans!

Liz said...

You are so lucky to have grown up on a farm! That's so neat.

Though, shucking corn is one of my least favorite things to do too.

1artsychick said...

love those beans!
thanks for the comment on my blog.

We will definitely have to have a GF meet up when you get to the triangle!! I know just the place!

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