Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gluten Free Oats


Steel cut oats

I usually don’t have time to make a great breakfast on Mondays, and I never have time to take pictures. BUT yesterday I was off of work, so I made a HUGE pot of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats. Yum!

I’m trying to wane myself off of butter, and I didn’t have any yogurt to make the oats creamy. Now, this is going to sound crazy dear readers, but to achieve the creaminess in my oats I used 2 tbsp. of pudding. Sugar free Pistachio Pudding. It was leftover from dessert on Sunday night. And you know what, it really did the trick! I can’t say that I’ll do it often, but I did enjoy it.

Blueberries are great in oats, and I’m lucky that I live in coastal NC, where blueberries thrive. Did you know that you can just pop the local, fresh berries in freezer bags and thaw whenever. The blueberries aren’t quite as good as they when they’re in season, but I’d rather eat locally grown $1.69 a pint frozen than $3.99 a pint berries from Japan!

blueberries are beautiful

Blueberries are beautiful.

Every year there is a blueberry festival, but I’ve never been. Maybe this will be the year! :)


Tasty! The bowl above has a whopping 9 grams of fiber! Served alongside the rare glass of orange juice. I wish I had the time everyday to sit back and enjoy my breakfast. This morning I enjoyed my oats in a coffee mug quickly before driving to work. Not ideal, but I still love the Bob’s Red Mill!!

Anyone have a good recipe for rolled oats? I have 4 bags that are taking up a ton of room in the pantry!


MoonGoddess said...

Sounds like time for a batch of those no-bake oatmeal chocolate peanut butter cookies!

Jen said...

I did make some of these from the bag you sent to me and I like the steel cut much better than the other brand of rolled oats. I just never have time to make them either! I never though of putting yogurt in, I might try that since I have some hanging around the fridge that I know I'll never eat otherwise. I love blueberries!

The Stay At Home Son said...

Yes! You can use them to make veggie burgers...recipe on my website.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...


Meg said...

I used to use pudding in my oatmeal all the time before my milk allergy was discovered. Butterscotch tastes really yummy!

MoonGoddess said...

Have you thought about doing a show & selling some of your photography? Anyone who can stylishly make oatmeal look so beautiful has got some SERIOUS talent!

Allie said...

how about oat pancakes? I''ve been making these as of late... I'll post the recipe on my blog in the next couple days!

Liz said...

Yuuuuuum. Great idea on the pudding! I LOVE pistacio pudding, so I would surely like this mix.

Marlow said...

MoonGoddess- Sounds like you're ready for a no-baking party.

Jenny- The yogurt gives it a creamy texture, without the fat of butter!

Warm Bunny- Thanks!!

Meg- Butterscotch??!! Yum!!

Allie- I can't wait!

Liz- Plus they make a sugar free fat free pistachio :)

Amanda on Maui said...

I'm curious about these oats because Bob's Red Mill doesn't list gluten-free STEEL-CUT oats on their site, and I read a while back on Gluten-Free Girl's site that they were discontinued because they were still causing problem in people with gluten issues. Now all the site lists are the rolled oats, which I have had and had no problem with.

I might call BRM and ask if I were you. I'd also like to know if they have fixed the problem and are planning on offering the product again.

Marlow said...

I actually had a problem with their rolled oats last fall. Not a gluten issue, but a taste issue. It turned out that they were having some issues. But then in November they had everything worked out and sent me a free case of rolled oats and steel cut.

Since then I have bought several cases of the steel cut from my local co-op and haven't had any issues. I did have to get used to the fiber though! :)

I still have an email contact from my issue last fall. I'll contact her about this; she was really helpful before!