Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Kind of Cookie Jar

I received a package from LARABAR!!!! I LOVE these bars! Since becoming gluten free, they have definitely become a necessity. I keep my bars in a candy jar on the counter so they easily reached and remembered. Eating on the go is super hard when you have Celiac, so having a bar in your purse is always a plus.
I thought my favorite flavor was Peanut Butter Cookie, but my package contained many flavors, a few I'd never tried. My new favorite is definitely Pistachio. If you like Pistachio nuts you will LOVE this bar. I also really love Cinnamon Roll and Ginger Snap. Ginger Snap is so yummy, but very spicy! Their webpage shows a Pecan Pie flavor, so I hope to try that one too. There wasn't one in my box, but hopefully my co-op will carry it. The package also included a super cute t-shirt; I'll take a pic when I wear it this week. Thank you LARABAR!!!


MoonGoddess said...

That's so awesome that they sent this to you. They are racking up some bonus points in my book.

I haven't eaten one in a long time, but I need to add it to my list of things to grab for those "I need something now" moments.

Very cool! congrats on the goodies!

ba said...

Ever since you raved about Larabars, I can't get enough of them!

My FAVES are the lemon one and the key lime lime pie one! Soooo good. But, sadly, my local store doesn't carry these ones... So my fall back is the Cashew one - also delicious!!

Love your idea of having them in a "candy jar"!!

Question for do you handle buffets and dinners at friend's houses? I'm a bit freaked out about the high possiblity of cross contamination...

Have a great day!

Marlow said...

ba- key lime pie is so good! Which other ones have you tried?

Yes. I love my candy jar.

If it's a potluck, it can be harder. I always make sure that I bring a substantial dish that could fill me up.
Recently a friend of mine wanted to have a friend's supper. 10 of us were coming over but they were preparing all the food. When she invited me I asked if I could bring anything for myself and explained how serious my gluten intolerance is. I also asked if she could let me see the ingredients on any mixes, marinades, or broths they might use. The day before I had a similar conversation. She and her husband are SO thoughtful, so they were very careful. The soup had no chances of gluten. However, when I got there the appetizers I realized were a mine field! They had put out hummus with veggies, but had also included crackers. I asked for a small plate and dished out some hummus before anyone else could get to it, that way there was no chance of crumbs.
It is so hard, but if you have thoughtful friends it is easier. However I did a week later get invited to a children's birthday party that was 2 hours away. They weren't aware of my eating challenges and I didn't know them well enough to have the conversation about it. They served nothing I could eat but grapes. There was cheese, but they packaging hadn't been saved and I'm a little wary of cheese ingredients. But I had packed my trusty LaraBar, and it was more than enough to hold me over!

Christy said...

Peanut Butter Larabar is good, but I really LOVE the pecan pie! Have you tried it yet?