Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gluten Free Corncakes

Gluten Free Pantry has done it again! Last night I used Gluten Free Pantry Cornbread Mix to make corncakes and they were so good!

I hadn't tried this mix before, but it was super simple! You just mix the entire box with buttermilk, frozen corn, and a little oil with a pinch of sugar. (According to the recipe on the box) Then you just scoop out the batter onto a hot pan, and cook until crisp. So good! We drizzled the tops with taco sauce and ranch. Yum. On the side I had a scrambled egg with garlic, onion, and red pepper. Perfect! It's pretty much an omelet, but a bit simpler.

I can't wait until tomorrow! It's TGIF of course, plus Parrish and I are going on date! :) After three years together, it's nice to shake it up a little bit! Plus it's a surprise as to where we are going! I'll give you the details Saturday!


Meg said...

YUM! Great idea to top them with ranch!

MoonGoddess said...

YUMMY!!! again.

& have fun on the date night. We all need those now & then. ;)