Thursday, November 13, 2008

United Nations and Larabars

Phew! What a looooooong day. Tonight I was a speaker on a panel for our local United Nations chapter. I'm part of a group called the Southeastern North Carolina Food Systems Council, and I was presenting on global and regional food distribution. It was so much fun, I love speaking on panels, but it really rides my nerves. I'm always anxious the day of and when I'm anxious I lose my appetite. Lucky for me, I had a Larabar late in the afternoon and it totally held me over! (I had the Peanut Butter Cookie Bar of course!!)

This morning for breakfast I made Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten free pancakes. They are SO GOOD! They're not gritty and they sort of taste like funnel cakes. You have to be careful cooking them because they don't bubble like other pancake mixes. So you don't really have an indicator that it's time to flip, other than looking at the edges. I even made a plate of pancakes for my boyfriend (who is not gluten free) and he loved them!

I put the leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow morning, I'll let you know how well they reheat!

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Meg said...

I loved their icing, so I bet I will love their pancake mix.