Monday, November 17, 2008

I LOVE Bob's Red Mill!

Today is probably the BEST DAY of my gluten free life!! When I got home from work today I had a package waiting for me from Bob's Red Mill. I was expecting some free gluten-free oats from them; the last batch I bought had a quality issue and they were sweet enough to offer to send me a replacement pack!

Little did I know just how sweet they were!! Not only did they send me a case of Gluten Free Rolled Oats (yum!) BUT they sent me a case of......GLUTEN FREE STEEL CUT OATS!!!!! I literally screamed when I opened the box!! I didn't even know they made these!

I of course made a bowl right away!! I totally had a yummy dinner planned, but nothing could keep me away from steel cut oats. I missed steel cut oats more than mozzarella sticks, and I still hadn't gotten used to the fact that I was never going to have them again. And now I don't have to!!!
It was a delicious bowl!! Just like McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oats. I literally CAN'T WAIT to wake up tomorrow and have another bowl!! Now I just have to find room in my pantry!

Oh and Jenny, your care package just got a little bit heavier!! :)


Meg said...

How exciting! I stopped eating oats a week ago because I started breaking out in hives after eating them. I have been eating them for years, but now I might have an allergy to them or gluten. I already miss my oats so much. Maybe this is an option for me. Guess maiden name is I definitely have oatmeal in the genes and it will be a tragedy if I am allergic.

Unknown said...

I will have to hunt these down! Your pic made me want these for dinner! Thanks for always making my pallet water with gluten free delight.

Marlow said...

Meg- Do you ever feel like you're sitting under a heavy blanket after you eat? That's how I felt (plus some bathroom matters) that led me to know of my intolerance. But I do have Celiac's which can mean a bit more than an allergy. I love that your maiden name is McCann! These GF Bob's taste just like McCann's, and I'm not easily persuaded!!

Endless- Yes! They are So GOOD!! I love your blog too!!

Jen said...

AHHHH You are the BEST!!!!!! That is so awesome!

Unknown said...

I gotta find out who this Bob guy is and shake his hand! He is working miracles with his oats!

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

Ok, you've totally convinced me to try gluten free oats!!! I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE oats/oatmeal before diagnosed with celiac. Haven't had oats in over 3 years. Can't believe they sent you an entire case!!! I think I have a mad crush on Bob. Love his beard :)

Zesty Cook said...

Marlow, this looks delicious. Your picture looks amazing and I want them now :)