Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glutenous Holiday Tea

Each winter, Celestial Seasonings comes out with a delicious line of Holiday Teas. I practically lived off the Nutcracker Sweet last year. It's sweet all on it's own. This year my Co-op is carrying all the flavors BUT the Nutcracker Sweet. Which is okay, because I had been really wanting to try the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride flavor. Jenna of Eat, Live, Run had blogged about it a few times and it sounded delicious!

The Sugar Cookie flavor is Caffeine Free, which is a plus. I love hot cocoa before bed, but it does not love my waist line. I was thinking this may be a great substitute. Well.....it was a nice thought. And it would totally work....if I didn't have Celiac Disease. That's right. This holiday tea contains gluten.

I even bought the package without really inspecting it. You'd think I would have learned my lesson. However, I did inspect the ingredients before making a cup. Yep. Nice print just below the ingredients 'Contains gluten'. Nerds!

While I can't partake of this particular flavor, I do think they're an awesome company for printing it so nicely. Straight and to the point. After further inspection on their website, the Nutcracker Sweet flavor is Gluten Free (as is the Candy Cane Lane). So hopefully I will be able to find somewhere locally that sells it!!


Unknown said...

I just realized how close the word glutenous is to "gluttonous"...it's too bad they mean basically the exact opposite things.

Don't worry love, we'll put an extra little nipper in your warm apple cider tonight!

Unknown said...

I was trying to imagine what the sound of the feeling might be of discovering your favorite tea was glutenous and this is all I could come up with...


Meg said...

I love the Gingerbread! I wonder if it is gluten free. There is nothing about gluten on the box.