Monday, November 3, 2008

Dinner for Breakfast

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite supper time themes. Dinner for breakfast...well I can't say that I can remember ever having dinner for breakfast. (except for the occasional pre-Celiac diagnosis slice of cold pizza) Last night I had a yummy dinner of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, brussels, and asparagus. It was great, plus we ate at 5:30! (We're not quite used to the time change!)

I was off of work today, so I wanted to make something special for breakfast and I remembered how my friend Alex had talked about making potato cakes with left over mashed potatoes. I looked up a few recipes to get the basic idea, and decided to wing it on my own. I mixed some shredded cheddar in with the cold potatoes and packed together some patties. I then dredged the patties in some Beth's Gluten Free All Purpose Flour ( I love you Beth's!!!).

The first batch turned out okay. I had made the patties too thin and had turned them too quickly. My boyfriend gladly ate them! My second batch was much better! As I've stated time and again, my stove is wonky, so all the hot oil runs to one side of the pan, so cooking times can be strange BUT you really have to let these cakes brown up a good bit (around 10 minutes each side in a medium high pan). I ate mine alongside a ranch-ketchup swirl. Mmmm.. satisfying.

Tonight for dinner we warmed up the brussels and asparagus and I made two more potato cakes. -Successfully using all of our leftovers!! :) I topped these potato cakes with this really awesome grilled artichoke and crab cream cheese we found at our local grocer. Delish!

I'm really craving pizza this week, so I may try to attempt Jill's pizza from Hey, that tastes good! later this week...I'll let you know how it goes!


Meg said...

Fabulous dinner! I love to eat breakfast for fun!

Jen said...

I eat breakfast foods more often than any other, I love it!