Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sustainable Sushi Advocate!

I received my FREE Sushi Advocate kit from Monterey Bay Aquarium!! Monterey Bay is AWESOME! I first learned about them from my boss who had picked up their seafood watch pocket guide when she visited California. She thought it would be a good thing to give to our customers at the Co-op, not only because we're in a coastal town, but also because the conservation of our ocean's resources seemed like a good fit for our shoppers. The Aquarium shipped 1,000 guides to us for FREE and our shoppers loved them!

Since then, I've been getting an e-newsletter from them. Last month I noticed they were starting a new Sushi Pocket Guide. I went to their website and checked it out. While perusing I noticed that they were signing folks up to be 'advocates'. I of course signed up right away!! I remembered giving my t-shirt size, but it didn't really click they were sending me anything special. What a nice surprise this was:
(*No matter how many times I loaded the above picture, it still loaded sideways! :X The squid is saying Wasabi and the fish is saying Fo'sho)

The kit included five sushi pocket guides, three chef feedback cards to hand out at restaurants, t-shirt, and eco-friendly chopsticks.
The chopsticks are by a company called Wheatware. They're reusable, biodegradable chopsticks made from US wheat surplus. Yep! They're made from of course I can't use them, but they're a great idea! I gave them to my best friend Alex. I guess I now know how folks with corn allergens feel when they get offered a "green" reusable, biodegradable cup made out of corn.

Plus I learned that my favorite sushi ingredient...K-rab, is on the safe list! I can't wait to wear my tee tomorrow!


MoonGoddess said...

That's awesome!

I just signed up to be an advocate & it didn't ask for a shirt size. I think you got lucky!

Sadly my favs Salmon & Tuna aren't so great.

H Kam said...

Thanks for being such a big supporter of our program. I'm glad you are enjoying the kit (minus the chopsticks of course, sorry).

Unfortunately this was a limited supply "surprise" and due to overwhelming demand we are out of t-shirts and chopsticks.

Humberto Kam
Monterey Bay Aquarium