Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Starving Sandwich

A few years ago my boyfriend, Parrish, introduced me to what I have come to know as the Starving Sandwich. It truly is a work of art. When you are starving, no ordinary sandwich will do. The flavors packed in between these two slices of gluten free bread will not only satisfy your taste buds but it will satiate your tummy too! The ingredients list may seem long, but trust me, it's worth it!

What you'll need:
One organic tomato (local is best!)
A handful of sprouts (or a slice of lettuce)
Bacon (I used Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon)
Neufchatel or cream cheese (about 2 tbsp.)
Avocado (I like mine mushed so I get some in each bite but Parrish likes his in slices)
Havarti Cheese (One thick delicious slice)
Two slices of gluten free bread

Toast your gluten free bread, I used Sami's Millet and Flax. (and I used a smattering of butter on each side) While the bread is toasting, cook your bacon until crisp. Slice up your avocado and tomato. Place a slice of Havarti on one piece of bread and spread cream cheese on the other piece. Broil for one minute or until Havarti is melted. Assemble! I like it in this order: Havarti on the bottom, then avocado, bacon, tomato, sprouts, and the cream cheese bread on top.

Serve it hot or wrap it in foil for lunch.



Meg said...

Warm and tummy would love it!

GF in Cleveland said...

Wow I love this. ...And it could be because I'm very, very hungry right now.

Think there's anything more vegetarian freindly to subsitute for bacon? I'm guessing it would have to be crunchy & salty & protein....I guess I have a lot to think about.

Marlow said...

Have you ever tried the Tempeh version called Fakin' Bacon? That might work. It could take alot to make it super crunchy, but the sprouts help!