Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Roasted Sweet Potatoes...and a plan

I love sweet potatoes. (Not as much as white potatoes)..but I love them! Sweet, crisp edges and I usually don't feel to much guilt when I eat them. I am supposed to be avoiding starches..and sugars..and fat. Hmm, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been honest with you guys about this! Maybe being honest on my blog will help me be more honest with myself and my eating habits.
In 2001 I started college at a size 0-1. I was tiny, although I thought I was bigger. From there I slowly but surely packed the weight on and by 2008 (this year) I was a size 12-14. Ooh, it is so hard to write 14. So when I went to my doctor with the bathroom, weight gain issue she ran a HUGE amount of tests. One which showed Celiac Disease in my DNA and others which showed I have high triglycerides, high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol, and hypoglycemia. Yep. Metabolic Syndrome. Alot of which is my genes and alot of which is my own doing. In high school I was really active and kept that up for a few years. But for the past 2 years I have been dealing with post traumatic stress and the exercise just dropped away. So my doctor gave me some harsh realities that day.

Eat smaller meals more often.
Only potatoes once a week and fewer starches overall.
No sugar. She wants me to eat as if I'm already diabetic.
No fat for goodness sakes.
Exercise 3-4 times per week and really sweat...alot.

She said that if I don't start doing these things I will develop diabetes in the next 10 years. If I do start doing these things it may not be until I'm 60 or 70. She said my pancreas has a very limited warranty. But she did feel that my new gluten-free lifestyle will help.

And it did. I'm now down to a size 10, but I still have around 30 pounds to go. My eating habits are better, but they still need to improve. (fried green tomatoes...really?) But what really needs to happen is the exercise. I read blogs such as Kath Eats and Eat, Live, Run and See Bride Run and those really give me inspiration, but I really need a plan. Any one got some tips?

I can do this!


Meg said...

I love roasted sweet potatoes! You go girl! You look awesome and you have come so far in reaching your goal!

Jen said...

Find exercise that you enjoy so that you'll stick with it! I need more exercise too. I used to be so good about it but I've been really slacking lately. But yay for the progress you've made so far!!

Steph said...

Congrats on your progress so far and good luck in the future! Have you ever tried a pilates class? That's something I really enjoyed and I don't think I've ever been so sore! I don't know if they offer hot room yoga in your area...but if you wanna REALLY sweat, do that! It's practically torture, but you feel great afterward!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, when it's too cold to go outside and run (I'm too cheap for a gym membership), I put my headphones on and crank up some high tempo music and jump around (jumping jacks, skips, jumping up and down, whatever) for 35-45 minutes. I end up dripping sweat. It's worked for me for years...get good shoes, though, because jumping can really screw up your knees. Or just buy a jumprope.

MoonGoddess said...

Ok so in addition to the starting back up the challenge of who can log the most steps per week, I'm thinking fitness bingo. We can make up cards & pull task daily. Each block would have an activity (ex: 25 jumping jacks, do a fitness DVD, dance to 3 songs, etc.) When we do them, we check them off.

Get us to try something new more often. At least move more. I did it once in the past. Seemed fun.

Liz said...

You can do this! You're awesome Marlow. Thanks for being so honest.

What keeps me working out are three things:

my dog (he goes crazy if we don't go for runs every other day)

my soccer team (I play on two teams and if I don't show up to a game, it's a pain for everyone else)

workout classes (working out is so much more fun in a class setting, I'm currently taking a kick boxing class (with Jenny!) and loving the commraderie)

I saw that you play tennis. I played in college and am kind of burnt out by it, but I'm getting back into it. Join a tennis club if you can and set yourself up for some match play. Or go to or see if there's a tennis group in your area.

Good for you for taking this head on.

Anonymous said...

You can move to Circle Acres and help with the wood chopping.