Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peanut Buttery Oats

I was so excited when I found Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats. I loved Steel Cut Oats pre-diagnosis and have been craving them since. I hadn't been able to find a source that was not polluted, until I found these rolled oats at my Co-op.
However, not only was I not impressed, I was disappointed! I should say first, that I love peanut butter. But these oats tasted like peanut butter...but in a weird way. Anyone else had this experience with these oats? Or does anyone have a recipe that they love and I can try? My greek yogurt in the morning is great but it needs a partner! (And I am Van's Gluten Free Waffled Out!!)


Suzanne said...

The first bag of Bob's Red Mill GF oatmeal I bought was fantastic. The second bag was horrible. I thought it might be rancid from being in the hot car on the trip back from Chattanooga. I recently bought another bag and it seems to be OK. Maybe it is not as stable as other products. I entertained the idea of contacting Bob about it. What do you think??? Great blog!! Big hugs, Auntie S.

Nick said...

Odd, I've never tried those oats, but let me make a suggestion for you. How about the tastiest and healthiest pancakes you've ever had? These Banana Pancakes are out of this world and only require 4 ingredients to make: oats, eggbeaters, banana and cottage cheese. I know there are oats in it but when blended with all the other stuff you won't be able to tell, noone has a clue that there's cottage cheese in them either!

Kath has raved about them on a few occasions and there's no better way to have them than topped with peanut butter. Make the batter ahead of time and you'll have it for a week! Plus since eggbeaters are pasteurized you can eat the batter =)! Let me know if you try/like em.

Cassidy Stockton said...

I am writing on behalf of Bob's Red Mill and would like to remedy your strange-tasting gluten free oats that you purchased from us. While the oats are indeed gluten free, there was a supply issue that compromised the flavor of the oats. I would love to assist you further in getting some replacement product or compensation. Please get in touch.

Cassidy Stockton
Bob's Red mill Natural Foods

GF Steph said...

I haven't tried these oats by themselves, just in oatmeal cookies. I didn't notice any odd flavor, but I did notice that they didn't get as soft in my cookies as Quaker used to. Definitely wouldn't stop me from using them though. I love oatmeal cookies. :-)

Allie said...

hey marlow -- cool that the bobs red mill people got in touch with you!!

I usually love their oats - so it looks like it was just an issue with their supply... just bought a bag a few weeks ago, and they are fine.

Marlow said...

Thanks Auntie! Hopefully my second bag will be great!

Nick~I am def going to try these soon! I've never really had cottage cheese...I know that sounds I'm excited to try this recipe!

Steph~I LOOVE oatmeal cookies!!

Allie~ I was Shocked when I read the comment from Bob's Red Mill! I feel like they're just that awesome of a company! Hopefully my second bag will be great!