Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peanut Buttery Oats

I was so excited when I found Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats. I loved Steel Cut Oats pre-diagnosis and have been craving them since. I hadn't been able to find a source that was not polluted, until I found these rolled oats at my Co-op.
However, not only was I not impressed, I was disappointed! I should say first, that I love peanut butter. But these oats tasted like peanut butter...but in a weird way. Anyone else had this experience with these oats? Or does anyone have a recipe that they love and I can try? My greek yogurt in the morning is great but it needs a partner! (And I am Van's Gluten Free Waffled Out!!)


Slimming Su said...

The first bag of Bob's Red Mill GF oatmeal I bought was fantastic. The second bag was horrible. I thought it might be rancid from being in the hot car on the trip back from Chattanooga. I recently bought another bag and it seems to be OK. Maybe it is not as stable as other products. I entertained the idea of contacting Bob about it. What do you think??? Great blog!! Big hugs, Auntie S.

The Peanut Butter Boy said...

Odd, I've never tried those oats, but let me make a suggestion for you. How about the tastiest and healthiest pancakes you've ever had? These Banana Pancakes are out of this world and only require 4 ingredients to make: oats, eggbeaters, banana and cottage cheese. I know there are oats in it but when blended with all the other stuff you won't be able to tell, noone has a clue that there's cottage cheese in them either!

Kath has raved about them on a few occasions and there's no better way to have them than topped with peanut butter. Make the batter ahead of time and you'll have it for a week! Plus since eggbeaters are pasteurized you can eat the batter =)! Let me know if you try/like em.

Cassidy Stockton said...

I am writing on behalf of Bob's Red Mill and would like to remedy your strange-tasting gluten free oats that you purchased from us. While the oats are indeed gluten free, there was a supply issue that compromised the flavor of the oats. I would love to assist you further in getting some replacement product or compensation. Please get in touch.

Cassidy Stockton
Bob's Red mill Natural Foods

Steph said...

I haven't tried these oats by themselves, just in oatmeal cookies. I didn't notice any odd flavor, but I did notice that they didn't get as soft in my cookies as Quaker used to. Definitely wouldn't stop me from using them though. I love oatmeal cookies. :-)

Allie said...

hey marlow -- cool that the bobs red mill people got in touch with you!!

I usually love their oats - so it looks like it was just an issue with their supply... just bought a bag a few weeks ago, and they are fine.

Marlow said...

Thanks Auntie! Hopefully my second bag will be great!

Nick~I am def going to try these soon! I've never really had cottage cheese...I know that sounds I'm excited to try this recipe!

Steph~I LOOVE oatmeal cookies!!

Allie~ I was Shocked when I read the comment from Bob's Red Mill! I feel like they're just that awesome of a company! Hopefully my second bag will be great!