Saturday, October 25, 2008


JR & Jess

My Co-op was hosting an Oktoberfest themed sampling yesterday from 3-7pm. JR, our wine buyer was putting it all together and my boss Jessica was helping. I checked it out around 3 to see if I could help and was asked to take pictures before everything was ravaged.

The event looked amazing...and glutenous. There was not one sample I could taste, which in the end, is probably a good thing! For all you gluten-free folks out there, shield your eyes.

JR chose a few beers to sample. An old favorite, the Post Road Pumpkin Ale. I used to love this beer!
Our deli also made JR some wonderful foods. A beer cheese potato soup, some vegan brats and some local brats. Ooh! A beer cheese log:And of course, the show stopper, a giant platter of Guinness Chocolate Cake with Whipped Creme Icing.

It was fun taking all the photos...even if I couldn't sneak a bite. I'm just thankful they weren't sampling mozzarella sticks! Tonight I am determined to cook something beautiful, tasty...and hopefully chocolatey to satisfy my craving for this cake! I'm not sure how a Redbridge Chocolate Cake would taste but I might try it!

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