Monday, October 20, 2008

My Own Naked Chef...and CHALLENGE

The perfect bite.

The "naked chef-ing" it was a success! Parrish made an awesome dinner! The bite to the left is perfectly seasoned baked pork chop, apple sauteed in butter, with a tiny strip of Parmesan cheese. Yumm.

The pork chop and apples were served atop a simple gluten free spaghetti noodle with olive oil and Parmesan.

He wrapped a slice of Applegate Farms Sunday bacon around the pork chop, topped it with a green pepper and baked it at 350 for 25 minutes. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and a light grill rub. He sauteed the apple in butter until soft. He cooked the Tinkyada Spaghetti and then tossed it with light olive oil and then topped with Parmesan.

Parrish is a magnificent plater. He feels that items must be plated perfectly in a particular order to get the best taste. So for this dish: noodles (lightly tossed in olive oil), Parmesan, roasted pork wrapped in bacon, roasted green pepper, and sauteed apples on top. He did an amazing job! He is so good at having the most random ingredients in front of him, and making a masterpiece!
I'm really hoping we have some of this left over for lunch tomorrow! My mind is already racing with variations of this dish. Using mango instead of apples and sticky rice instead of noodles.

~I need a new Chef Name~

Anyone have a challenge? A laundry list of random cast aways, usually deemed 'We have nothing here to eat?' Let me know and I'll challenge my Naked Chef. However....I think I may give him a new name, 1) I'm pretty sure the other is trademarked 2) Naked just always makes me think of cooking naked, which is bad naked* . (*Seinfeld reference)

So two challenges, rename the chef and give him a challenge of ingredients! Gluten Free of course!


Meg said...

Fun post with some delicious food!

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

"Naked Chef" always makes me think of some nudist colony's kitchen cook.

Love the post and the challenge. I'm racking my brain and will get back to you :)

Liz said...

Oooh. That looks mighty good!