Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Close Call

This month, October, is Fair Trade Month and my co-op is celebrating. In honor of Fair Trade, I made a new purchase that I had never tried before. Alter Eco Purple Jasmine Rice. I've had other sticky rices, but never purple! The box says to rinse it thoroughly before cooking. My boyfriend rinsed it and then began cooking. I looked over and the water was completely purple! So I took it off and rinsed again. Started cooking, and it's still purple. SO it must be okay!
My boyfriend, Parrish, chopped up some shallot and garlic, which we added to the rice once the water had evaporated. This rice seemed much easier to me cooking wise than most rices. You don't have to cover it which is good, because even though I know I'm supposed to not lift the lid while rice is cooking, I always have to peek! While the rice was cooking I heated some Bilinski Apple Chardonnay Sausage on my George Foreman. Then I chopped them up and added them to the rice with the shallot and garlic. I then made a bed of grated cheese on a plate and piled the rice mix on top. Then I finished it off with a little bit of Mustardy BBQ sauce from my Auntie. (My Papa's secret recipe) This dinner was so good! My leftovers the next day were even better! The dish was filling, without having to stuff my face! **In the future I will cook the onion and garlic seperately in a bit of oil until softened and the sausage to that pan first. Then I will add it all to the rice just to meld a bit, but not cook completely.

I was so interested in this rice that I went to the Alter Eco website and found that Martha herself has been cooking with it lately! Click the picture to follow the link. I'm sure her recipe is ten times better than mine! She is Martha Stewart!
Then I found online where many web pages kept referring to it as "glutinous rice". My stomach cringed. My bowels have been off lately but I thought that was because I was back on caffeine. Had I inadvertently glutened myself again?!

Nope. I'm safe. Thank goodness for this Wikipedia article! The world needs to come up with a better word to describe a gluey, sticky rice that doesn't involve the root gluten. Phew!!

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Meg said...

I need to try this rice. Sounds awesome!Thanks for introducing it!