Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snack Time Salsa

**The following recipe is not my own! It is my friend Bekah's and she deserves full credit! Her recipe is copyrighted so make it up, but when you repost on how delicious it is (because you will) make sure you give her credit! Bekah Smith is the B-O-M-B!!**

My friend Bekah is having a baby. On Sunday she had a baby shower here in our coastal town. Unfortunately I was at my sister's baby shower so I missed it! I knew the food would be awesome, so I told my friend Jessica to bring me anything left over! Bekah is one of the owner's of The Little Dipper fondue which I have talked about in another post and they were hosting the shower at Kristen's, another owner of The Little Dipper. They are both amazing chefs and have the BEST tastebuds! Jessica gave me the low down on the food yesterday and mentioned Bekah's Famous Salsa. Today she brought some in. DELISH!! Too good!

I ate it right at my computer on top of a pile of paperwork. There was no time to clear the top! This salsa tastes just like a pizza, with little bits of feta and italian spices. We called Bekah to get the recipe and the entire phone conversation was shrouded in secrecy. She gave me a few hints, but here's what I dissected.

Instead of using fresh tomatoes, use canned tomatoes that are in italian seasoning. Muir Glen carries one with Italian Herbs. Then add black beans, corn, white onion, avocado, feta cheese, and garlic. I would let the batch sit overnight so that all the flavors can marinade. It's perfect for a snack and it tastes like a pizza! I must have pizza on the brain!


Meg said...

A salsa with feta cheese. I have never heard of it, but I will definitely try it!

MoonGoddess said...

That was some pretty amazing salsa. In fact, I think it deserves a name all to itself. It wasn't salsa, it was something much, much better. The term salsa just limits it.

& yes we will probably be craving that now & then, now that we got a taste of the goodness!