Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Party....I mean Preparing

As a Southern girl I have weathered out my fair share of Hurricanes. Living on the coast the past 7 years, has left me really feeling like a local. I know when to evacuate and when it's safe to ride it out. Tomorrow night I will be riding out Tropical Storm Hanna...possibly Hurricane Hanna if she can get her act together. It really won't be a terrible storm hopefully, but they are predicting it to bulls-eye my coastal town. And hopefully I won't be posting in a week to tell you that I'm packing me, my boyfriend, my dog, and my TV in my car and evacuating for Ike.

I always ride the storm out with some friends and spend the day before making some Hurricane snacks. Plus it's always good to be prepared for the power to go out and the roads to get blocked. So what better way to be prepared than with some cupcakes and vodka soaked watermelon?

So tonight I'm going to try out a recipe that I have for Peanut Butter Cookies, using Beth's Gluten Free All Purpose Flour (aka the love of my life). I'll post the recipe if it turns out. Other than that I would usually make some cheese biscuits but those are out of the question. Anyone have any ideas of gluten free items I can make that could sit out of refrigeration if needed?