Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Velveeta Rice Elbows and Cheese

WARNING! This post is naughty. (food naughty that is!)

My boyfriend is not gluten free. He suffers enough with all of my belly-aching that I don't want to ask him to keep our kitchen free of gluten. So for about a week I have been eye-ing some Velveeta Shells and Cheese in our cupboard. I should also say that since finding out that I have Celiac's, I have not eaten gluten. I have been glutened by accident twice, but I have not "cheated". But that doesn't mean that I can't lust.
I had some gluten-free elbows in the cupboard and decided that I would go ahead and make some homemade mac & cheese.
But I had no cheese! I had one piece of Havarti in the house, which while delish would not be enough!

So I did the unthinkable. I was truly naughty! I took the Velveeta cheese pack out of my boyfriend's macaroni and used it on my gluten free noodles. (And I added the one piece of Havarti)

Holy deliciousness! It was good. I read the ingredients in the Velveeta cheese and it was fine! Also, I had no reactions! Creamy. Cheesy. Good. And the Tinkyada elbows were awesome!


Steph said...

Oh gosh, this just caused me to have a new craving to obsess about...that sounds SOOOO good!

Kat said...

I do that all the time! It's also really good with Mrs. Leeper's corn elbows. ;-)

My hubby is the celiac one, though, and he LOVES LOVES LOVES Kraft Mac and Cheese. I found out that they actually sell the cheese powder for their mac and cheese in a container - for spreading on popcorn. So Tinkyada pasta, Kraft cheese powder, milk and margarine and naughty comfort food is there. :)

Gloria Ives said...

Well one thing I know for sure is that the cheese packets--especially the liquid cheese sauce packets can be cut in half when prepared. I tried not to use the whole packet when I 'd make it for my kids, and then I'd use a box of elbows to use the remainder. the packet of powder can also be halved. You still get the satisfaction and comfort of a childhood favorite, but half the sodium and fat and other unmentionables...Not to mention the artificial colors. But hey, in moderation, like many other things, Your body is a good detoxifier! I guess we should let it do it's job and challenge it now and again!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find the rice noodles very mushy and have very little flavor. I have been glutenfree for over 5 years now and I think that the quinoa grain pasta and the corn pasta is way way better! scharr makes a great quinoa and corn pasta you should try it out! It tastes great with velveeta :)