Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Testing Fate

This morning for breakfast I ate oatmeal. Eeks! I know, I know. I may possibly be regretting this in about 30 minutes but I had to know for myself. Plus this morning I was STARVING and the only things on the hot bar at my co-op were turkey bacon, biscuits, and oatmeal. I obviously can't do the biscuits and turkey bacon just isn't my thing. I like crispy, crispy bacon.

Everything online about oatmeal is so "gray area". Gluten-free girl has a blog that I trust and she had this post on Oatmeal. All my other online resources are also giving me mixed signals.

So now I just have to wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed!


Allie said...

Did you make your own oats? Or get them out??

There is a place here called Au Bon Pain - and they serve really delicious oatmeal in the morning - i used to get it a lot, then had to give it up -- although, twice I got it just to see how I'd feel, and I was fine!

Also - I make Oats at home in the winter pretty often -- I use Bob's Red Mill GF Oats -- and they're awesome!

We can do apple crisp & oatmeal cookies with them, Yuuum.

ps - your mac & cheese with velveeta made me drool a little. Y.U.M.

Marlow said...

I got the oatmeal at my co-op on their hot bar.

UPDATE: Half an hour later I was in the bathroom

I need to get the Bob's Red Mill GF Oats and try those. Apple Crisp & Oatmeal cookies sound good!

I really just need to start waking up early enough to make breakfast. I'm also hypoglycemic so having some quick fruit isn't usually the best for my blood sugar.

ps-I want some mac & cheese right now!

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

Oh no!!!! You poor thing. I have not had oats since going g.f. -- I've been too much of a scaredy cat! There are gluten free oats out there - just make sure they specifically say g.f. I eat chocolate quinoa instant hot breakfast cereal to replace oatmeal. It's pretty tasty and filling! Hope you feel better soon :(

Steph said...

I totally got had by "regular" oats too! I never had a problem with them before, I must just be more sensitive now that it's all removed from my diet. Sorry to hear it didn't go well for you! Bob's Red Mill GF oats are definitely the way to go. An apple crisp sounds amazing, I never thought of that! Yum!

With hypoglycemia are you able to eat yogurt or something for breakfast? That's super quick!

MoonGoddess said...

Aw that stinks.

I noticed you hitting the bathroom that day & wondered if you had eaten something.

Just remember how overall you have done so great with this. Just think a few months ago, you would have just wondered what was wrong with you. Now you know its not you, its the food.
You have come so far.

I wonder if you have seen those GF frozen waffles that just came in? Looks like a quick breakfast.