Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gluten Coffee

So every morning I start my day with a cup of Fair Trade coffee from my co-op. I bring my own mug and make sure that my creamer is gluten-free. I pour my creamer into my mug, pump in some freshly made java.....and then stir it with a piece of fettuccine. Goodness Gracious!

For years now I had chosen to be environmentally responsible and not use plastic spoons as a coffee stirrer. Until I was reminded by a fellow Celiac that the "compostable" stirrer I was using was made out of Whole Wheat. Oh yeah. I'm real smart!

The worst part is that I have been suffering. Which I'm sure is partly due to the caffeine on my still tender digestive system. But some mornings it was so bad that I even emailed Silk to make sure my Hazelnut creamer was cool. Nothing gets by me!!

1 comment:

MoonGoddess said...

DANG! That stinks. We need to get you a nice set of cute chopsticks to keep on your desk for coffee stirs, to eat with, etc.

friggin fettuccine!

Glad you figured it out. Always progressing! Onward & upward.