Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fried Chicken

So I'm going to have to change my blog profile from "Living without traditional fried chicken" to "Living with the BEST fried chicken"!!

I know I've talked about this All-Purpose Flour before. Gluten Free Pantry: Beth's Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour is AWESOME!! It works great! I had tried it on fried green tomatoes and was really happy with the result. So I tried it out on my favorite food...fried chicken!

I am a true Southerner! The first item I moped about after getting my Celiac diagnosis was fried chicken! (The second was fried green tomatoes) And even though the Bell and Evans chicken is great, nothing is like homemade fried chicken and now I have figured it out, gluten free style!

Pour canola or vegetable oil (any oil that can take high heat) into a frying pan. I prefer my Lodge cast iron pan. The entire pan should be about 1/4 inch in oil. Heat on high. You want the oil to be nice and hot before you start frying.

While you're waiting for the oil, crack two eggs and scramble in one bowl. In another bowl dump out some gluten-free flour. After rinsing your chicken, place it directly in the egg. Then dredge: take chicken from the egg bowl into the flour bowl, then back in to the egg bowl, and then back in to the flour bowl. This creates a really nice batter. Then fry on each side until golden brown.

I have been making fried chicken for many, many years and never have I found a flour that makes such a nice batter! Usually the flour would not hold true in the oil, but this gluten-free all purpose flour holds strong! Next I'm going to try this recipe from Rachael Ray for Tempura Asparagus! I'll post how it works out!


Allie said...


There was a posting on the home page of Yahoo.com for simple recipes and fried chicken was one of them, and I've been craving ever since... now I read this!

Thanks for posting... I will definitely have to give this a try...

Unknown said...

I'll back up the fried chicken enthusiasm. It was the best fried chicken that I think you made. The only ingredients that I think you left off were:

1 cup Tender
2 tbsp Loving
6 oz. chopped Care

Mike Slaton said...

I want some GF fried chicken!!!
Awesome blog April!

jill elise said...

this looks deeeeelicious! I just stumbled upon your blog, and added you to my reader and links on my page!

Marlow said...


kat smith said...

Girl,you are from the south and you have not tried using this method yet to make fried okra. I just don't know what you are waiting for. I have lived my entire life in the south and have had celiac for several years as well as having a family member who has celiac. For the fried chicken, try also rolling the chicken in panko bread crumbs. These are Japanese rice flour bread crumbs. They are delicious for that wonderful breaded taste. For your next attempt use string cheese and make mozzarella sticks. Contact me at t.mabrey@insightbb.com if you have any questions.