Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Easy Dessert

This past weekend I went on a weekend holiday with my very best friend. She and I went up to visit another friend for her birthday. We had so much fun! An eventful weekend filled with lots of laughing and a 6 pack of Redbridge!

On our way back to the coast, we stopped in at the Whole Foods in Chapel Hill. As many of you know from previous posts, I am a Co-op girl thru and thru. But I do like to breeze in to a Whole Foods on occasion.

I hadn't visited a Whole Foods since beginning my gluten free diet, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. I ended up leaving the store with a box of 365 Organic brand chocolate cake mix and a box of Vanilla Meringue cookies.

I had never tried Vanilla Meringue cookies before. YUM! A tiny taste of heaven. AND 17 cookies are in ONE serving!! That's pretty rare these days. Plus they're pretty versatile. I love "added value" recipes. The picture above is a recipe that I would consider "added value". You take store bought meringue cookies and slice off the top. Stew up some fresh fruit for only about 5 minutes. Scoop a little bit of fat free sour cream (or whipped cream) onto the top of the cookies. Top with the warm fresh fruit. I find that these are even better if you let them sit for about an hour.

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Allie said...


I get them from Trader Joe's -- do you have one of those where you are? Such a good sweet treat, without feeling guilty! YUM.

I'll have to try the ones from whole foods..