Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pizza Night! Take 2

So after the really disappointing Glutino pizza crust, I still had a hankering for pizza all day yesterday. I shopped the shelf at the co-op and thought about buying the Namaste pizza crust. Namaste has gotten some great reviews and I loved their pancake mix. But then I remembered that I had also bought an Amy's Rice Crust pizza a few days ago. Knowing it couldn't be as bad as those Glutino crusts, I drove home ready for the challenge.

YUMMMM! This pizza was great. It is a bit smaller inside the box than most frozen pizzas. I didn't add any additional cheese, but I did add some pepperoni. It was really good! My first four slices were great. Hot, crispy, and cheesy. The crust does have a bit of a sweetness to it, but not enough to deter tastebuds. My last four pieces were okay. I'm finding that with gluten free substitutes, heat is very important. So I should have reheated the last half of the pizza before finishing it off. But all in all, it was a great pizza. Next time I think I'll dress it up with more cheese, some fresh garlic, and spinach!


Katie said...

Your blog looks great! I have an awesome pizza recipe on my site that you should try! It requires quite a few different flours...but it is totally worth it, I also have a recipe for some AWESOME bread sticks. You should invite a friend over and make both for a pizza night. So, how long have you been gluten free?


MoonGoddess said...

I was thinking you need to add some basil & maybe some fresh thin sliced Roma tomatoes to the top. Maybe just drizzle some pesto? Oh the possibilities!

Ok now you have me craving pizza!

Marlow said...

I have only been gluten free for about a month. I was diagnosed with Celiac's and hypoglycemia all in the same day, so I had alot of diet changes to make! I can't wait to find your breadstick recipe!